Deviled Egg Chicks

Posted on Mar 22nd, 2011

These adorable deviled egg chicks are perfect for a spring tea party or an Easter potluck. They do take some time because you have to be careful…

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How to Make a Heart-Shaped Cake

Posted on Feb 12th, 2012

For my tenth birthday my mom and I made a heart shaped cake. We didn't have a heart-shaped pan, so we pieced together a square and a circle cake to…

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Melting Snowmen Cookies

Posted on Dec 17th, 2011

I first saw a melting snowman cookie when my friend posted a picture on Twitter. After that, I spent so much time on Google Images staring at them.…

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Melting Snowmen Cookies

Posted on Dec 11th, 2012

Last year I made melting snowmen cookies for my mom's 3rd graders after I saw them on Somewhat Simple. They were HUGE hit with the kids and just as…

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Rose Frosting Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 14th, 2012

After compiling my Valentine's Day inspiration board on Pinterest, I became obsessed with icing roses. I watched video after video on YouTube on how…

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