Adventures in Swineapple

Adventures in Swineapple

Let’s get straight to business: what is swineapple, you ask? Swineapple, as the so aptly described it, is the cousin of Turducken. It’s the lovechild of American and the let’s-combine-everything-we-love-into-one-dish mentality. To spell it out, swineapple is a pineapple that’s been stuffed with BBQ pork tenderloin and wrapped in a bacon lattice.

I couldn’t tell you how exactly I stumbled upon this Frankenstein dish, I likely saw a 30 second blip of a video on Facebook while late night scrolling, but once it entered my mind, I couldn’t get it out of my head! Sometimes when I see something over the top like this, I feel the need to share it with the world or send it to a friend. Fulfilling my duties as a digital creature. My dad, who is incredibly crafty in the kitchen, would love this, I thought.

Adventures in Swineapple

When I booked a trip to Tennessee to visit my parents, my dad and I were determined to make this bacon-stuffed fruit. Cooking is something my family and I do a lot when I visit home. For whatever reason, a trip home inspires creative cooking. This trip we planned two dishes: Swineapple (mandatory) and Bailey’s ice cream (thank you Instagram!).

We followed a recipe from Tip Buzz.

Adventures in Swineapple

The first step is to cut away the outside of the pineapple and core the inside. Let me tell you, coring it with a melon baller was a lot more difficult than expected. The make the process easier, we used a slicer corer (affiliate link) that pulls out a lot more of the flesh. We chopped up the pineapple it pulled out and put it into the BBQ filling.

Adventures in Swineapple

The next step is to add your BBQ pork tenderloin mixture to the pineapple. You can see how we added pineapple chunks from our alternative coring.

Adventures in Swineapple

Next you place the pineapple lids back to the top and pin in place with wooden skewers. This is important because you lay the pineapple on its side to cook, and it helps prevent the juices from spilling out entirely.

Adventures in Swineapple

Now it’s time for the bacon lattice! The video above shows you how to create this. We used a few extra slices of bacon that the recipe called for. Once you have your lattice ready to go, you lay the pineapple on it on its side and wrap the bacon around it. The lattice won’t cover the pineapple 360 degrees. We pinned the bacon in place at the top with skewers and then tucked the back underneath the pineapple when we laid it on its side in the baking dish.

Adventures in Swineapple

Final step: bake at 275 for 3-4 hours. Pro tip (because I’m obviously a pro now), turn on the broiler at the end to make the bacon crispy.

Adventures in Swineapple

So what’s the final verdict? Is Swineapple the most amaze-balls thing on the internet? Or is it just as disappointing as its cousin, turducken?

It was incredibly fun to make, my dad and I have a lot of  fun in the kitchen. However, it took a ridiculously long time to bake, and the end result was tasty, but not entirely worth the effort. Despite putting the pineapple top back on, a lot of the liquid seeped out while cooking. We added extra BBQ sauce to our plates. Also, perhaps we cooked it a bit too long because our pork ended up slightly grainy.

Head over to Tip Buzz for the full recipe.

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