“The Bachelor” Viewing Party | Week 5

Week 5 of The Bachelor took us to New Orleans, Louisiana, so we decided to run with some New Orleans-themed puns… and some non-puns, just because.



Yep, no pun here, just some nice gumbo. Sarah made a gumbo-esque meal with potatoes, peas, corn, Tofurky Italian Sausage, shrimp, and gumbo soup mix.

Where Have You Beignet All My Life?

Where Have You Beignet All My Life?

Have you ever been like, “oh yeah, I totally have beignet mix in my pantry?” only to realize too late that you don’t have enough to make a full, or even half, batch? No? Just us? Ok.

Sarah remembered having beignet mix, but not even a quarter cup was left. We made it work though with some creative math and terrible fraction work. My third grade math teacher would be ashamed of me.

Funny enough, I think they actually said our pun in the show!

Nick’s date with Rachel impressed Sarah, who thinks she may be a top contender. My bet is still on Vanessa.

Let Me Bayou a Drink

Let Me Bayou a Drink

No fancy drink recipe here, we just wanted an excuse to drink. Which brings us to some deep, thought-provoking questions about Nick’s season of The Bachelor.

Is anyone else playing The Bachelor Fantasy League?

Why are these episodes two hours long?

How come there has been very little hot tub action this year? Ben and Lauren got a hot tub in the middle of nowhere, Ben also got some hot tub time with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube (oh, and Caila), Chris Soules had a hot tub with Kaitlyn and Jimmy Kimmel… what gives? More deep The Bachelor thoughts next week.

Now I am more or less caught up with my weekly posts. Week 6 my work wife was out of town, so her real wife and I ate a pizza. Check back next week for week 7 dishes!

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