How to Throw a “The Bachelor” Viewing Party | Week 2

The punny food dishes continue! The theme for week 2 of The Bachelor was supposed to be Asian, but Sprouts had other plans. Since they were out of wonton wrappers (I’ll save the pun, maybe we’ll try again another time), Sarah and I couldn’t make our cream cheese wontons.

Instead, we had an interesting assortment, with Too Drunken Noodles and Group Dates. These two dishes may not sound like they go together because they absolutely do not go together. However, I’m a proud lover of dates, so I wasn’t mad.

I’m only regretful that I spent way too much time in Sprouts at 5 p.m. on a Monday. Never again, Sprouts. Never again.

Week 1 of The Bachelor we went crazy with all sorts of pun-filled dishes, so moving forward we’re sticking with one or two menu items. After all, we’re only feeding two or three people.

Vegan Drunken Noodle

Too Drunken Noodle

In honor of our favorite drunk dolphin-shark, Alexis, and schwasty Corrine, Sarah made vegan Too Drunken noodle. I don’t know her exact recipe, but check out this Vegan Drunken Noodle post from Delish Knowledge.

The Bachelor Group Dates

Group Dates

The Bachelor contestants are never fans of group dates, but after they try  these babies, I think they will change their mind. While they aren’t too nice to look at, these goat cheese filled dates are tasty.

To make these I took a pinch of goat cheese (yum!), stuck a single unsalted almond inside, and rolled the cheese into a ball around the almond. Then, I stuffed the cheese ball into a date that I had split up the side.

The almond gives the dates a crunchier texture, so it’s not all mush. I could eat a million of these.

That was all from week 2, I will share our week 3 treats from last week very soon! If you have any pun ideas, leave them in the comments.

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