How to Throw a “The Bachelor” Viewing Party | Week 1

Italia Roscato Sweet Rosé

Happy Bachelor Monday! My friend Sarah and I decided to go all out this year for The Bachelor and create a pun-filled menu each week for our The Bachelor viewing party. Mamrie Hart’s First Impression Rosé got my gears turning, and I’m pretty proud of how week one turned out.

Once we started thinking of The Bachelor puns, we couldn’t stop! Now we have a gigantic list full of ideas to whip out each week. For the premier episode of Nick’s season, we went big.

The Bachelor Fantasy Leek Soup

Fantasy Leek Soup

With a tip of the hat to the ESPN/ABC Fantasy League collaboration, Sarah created Fantasy Leek Soup topped with parmesan cheese. Try this for a similar recipe using vegetable broth and add in a little Earth Balance at the end.

The Bachelor I Think We Have a Grape Connection Tarts

We Have a Grape Connection

Don’t you love hearing every single woman talk about their “great connection” with the man in question? New game, take a  shot every time someone uses to word connection. Just kidding, don’t do that. Eat a tart instead! Way more safe and way more tasty.

Sarah made these sweet and savory grape and goat cheese tarts using mini phyllo cups. They were very similar to this grape tart recipe, using goat cheese instead of ricotta.

The Bachelor "Nick"en Nuggets

“Nick”en Nuggets

In honor of Nick Viall himself, I made tofu “nick”en nuggets. This tofu nugget recipe also works great with chicken, you’ll just need to adjust the cook time to make sure the meat is fully cooked.

The Bachelor Right Raisins Banana Stacks

Here for the Right Raisins

It doesn’t take too long to figure out which contestants are there for the right reasons… or raisins, I should say. These banana slices are covered in peanut butter (yum!) and raisins.

I hope you got as much of a kick out of this as we did. If you have any pun ideas, let me know in the comments below!

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