2017 New Year’s Resolutions

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I feel some of you rolling your eyes. New Year’s Resolutions. But I am all about setting goals and keeping track of my achievements. All of the goals I set for myself are designed to help me be a healthy, happier person. That’s why I embarked on 101 in 1001 in 2015!

If you’re feeling down on yourself, maybe you hate your job, or you’re utterly exhausted from the day to day, or you have a lot of financial strains, there are small things you can do to find balance. Aspects of your circumstances may be beyond your control, but many are not!

If stress weighs you down, find ways you can relieve it (meditation, keeping your home tidy, reading for 30 minutes every day, using a planner, ditching unnecessary obligations). If money is an issue, find ways to save (start a savings account, create a monthly budget, shop sales at the grocery store, identify optional expenses).

Easier said than done, definitely. But you can’t achieve your goals if you don’t set any.

1. Eat less fast food

When Xavier and I graduated from school in 2012 and moved to Colorado, we rarely ate fast food. Since we were on a strict budget, I would create a menu each week based on what was on sale at the grocery store. Needless to say, our grocery bill was low, and there was little need to eat out.

This year, I broke my leg in February, which made cooking nearly impossible. Xavier can cook, but he mostly chooses not to. Instead, he got into the habit of bringing home Wendy’s more often than I would like to admit.

Even after my leg healed, we continued in our unhealthy fast food habit. For 2017, I want to get back in the routine of meal planning to keep our grocery costs down and squash our eating out impulses.

2. Refine my wardrobe

While I don’t think I’ll ever achieve capsule wardrobe status, one of my goals for the new year is to refine my wardrobe. I’d like to stop buying items simply because they fit, and start buying more staples that can easily be mixed and matched with scarves, blazers, sweaters and accessories for versatility and flexibility.

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3. Cut back on caffeine

I’m not a coffee drinker. In fact, I spellcheck had to spell caffeine for me! But, lately I’ve been drinking a lot of tea. While a little pick me up now and then is not against my rule book, I like not having to rely on caffeine to get me going in the morning.

I’ve always been a morning person. When I was a kid, I stole my little sister’s Little Mermaid alarm clock so I could wake up at 6 a.m. to get ready with my mom, even though I didn’t need to be up until later.

In college, there was a brief period of time where I started drinking coffee here and there for my evening classes and study sessions. It was an expense I didn’t enjoy seeing on my credit card statement and a crutch I didn’t want to rely on.

4. Read 20 books

My goal for the past two years has been to read 20 books, and I achieved it in 2015 and 2016. I like the pace that I consume books, both audio and paperback, and stories are so important to me, so I want to keep it up. Hear about all the books I read in 2016!

5. Try more drugstore makeup

I have mixed emotions about becoming a Sephora VIB this year. Pride and shame, mostly. Pride because wow, I’ve never hit VIB before, and shame because wow, I can’t believe I spent that much money on makeup.

High end makeup is mostly what I purchase because I feel disappointed in it less often that drugstore products, which are so hit or miss. There are plenty of good ones out there, but it takes thorough research to find the needle in the haystack.

I want to commit to spending less on makeup by seeking out sales and opting for drugstore makeup more often.

6. I want to food blog more

When I started Modern Martha, I posted recipes more than anything else while my YouTube channel was focused strictly on makeup. Moving forward, I want to marry the two together and reignite my passion for cooking (which will incidentally help my number one goal of eating less fast food).

7. I want to write more reviews

I often post swatches of new makeup I receive (ie, Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip Swatches), but I don’t follow up on these with reviews as often as I should. With my huge makeup collection, testing items thoroughly takes discipline and patience.

8. Be more organized

Organization is something that comes and goes for me. In my professional life, I am incredibly organized. Calendars, folders, reminders, you name it, I’ve got it covered. But, in my personal life, I’m not so organized. Mail all over the dining room table, product one sheets all over my desk, and no editorial calendar.

I started a Modern Martha Google calendar last year to try and keep me organized, but I rarely use it. I got into using a simple notebook to jot down reminders and notes in my phone for post and video ideas.

Ultimately, I need to figure out what form of organization is best for me and stick to it. It will reduce stress and help me bring you more content!

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  • Reply Laurient Toal

    I love a good list of resolutions/goals! I can definitely relate to your goal of eating out less. After going over our annual expenses I was shocked at how much we had spent on eating out and ordering in. Also, I too am in a place where I want to start refining my wardrobe. I’m getting more into buying investment pieces that will last instead of wasting my money on temporary fast fashion pieces.

    Good luck to you and best wishes for the new year!
    Laurient Toal recently posted…Oversized Gray SweaterMy Profile

    January 5, 2017 at 11:36 am
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