101 Things I’ve Done

Santa Monica, California

Our experiences and accomplishments are a huge part of who people are as individuals, yet I often find myself forgetting my own history. I’ve achieved so many wonderful things in my 26 years, so to honor those (and cross another item off of my 101 in 1001), I’ve decided to make a list. Now, whenever I feel down on myself, I can look at this list and be proud of what I’ve done and hopeful for what may be next.

  1. Had my photo printed in a magazine (twice!)
  2. Was featured in my hometown newspaper
  3. Took the GMAT
  4. Won the science fair
  5. Received my International Baccalaureate diploma (thought I still have to Google how to spell it)
  6. Earned my B.S. and M.S. in Marketing
  7. Graduated cum laude
  8. Learned a foreign language (though I don’t remember it all now!)
  9. Won a cheerleading competition
  10. Started my own Relay for Life team
  11. Went snorkeling in Key West
  12. Rode a rollercoaster at Busch Gardens (the first of many)
  13. Traveled all over the U.S.: New York, Chicago, LA, Nashville, Washington D.C., just to name a few
  14. Learned to drive
  15. Was an editor for my high school newspaper
  16. Hired for my first full-time job
  17. Went scalloping
  18. Pledged a national service fraternity
  19. Interned at a PR agency
  20. Attended Girls State
  21. Medaled in a rowing regatta
  22. Had my writing published in a college textbook
  23. Visited Denver for the first time
  24. Moved away from home to Denver
  25. Lost 13 pounds (though I did gain it all back)
  26. Started a YouTube channel
  27. Stopped lying to people about my secret internet life
  28. Had a YouTube video hit 1 million views
  29. Created a blog
  30. Created another blog 😉
  31. Took a photography class
  32. Learned how to develop photos in a darkroom
  33. Had my art on display at the University of Tampa
  34. Had my art on display at the Tampa Museum of Art

Double Exposure by Kelsey Reddick

  1. Went camping (many, many times)
  2. Baked a cake from scratch
  3. Went white water rafting
  4. Met The Bachelor
  5. Entered the Pacifica Muse contest
  6. Went ice skating
  7. Dyed my hair red
  8. Attended cotillion
  9. Rode a horse
  10. Took my first flight
  11. Went kayaking
  12. Learned to snowboard (though not well)
  13. Learned to ski

Skiing at Copper Mountain

  1. Won the Safeway Real Taste of Mexico Meal Solution Challenge
Avocado Enchiladas

Avocado Pork Enchiladas with a Cheesy Lime Cream Sauce

  1. Got a dog
Scrappy CoCo Smith

Scrappy CoCo Smith

  1. Went to many concerts (Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, The Killers, Weezer, and more)
  2. Went to my first professional soccer game
  3. Purchased my first house

My First House

  1. Sang at a karaoke bar
  2. Purchased my first DSLR
  3. Learned how to shoot a gun
  4. Learned how to use chopsticks
  5. Went paint balling
  6. Volunteered at an animal shelter
  7. Saw snow for the first time
  8. Tried frozen hot chocolate (amazing!!)
  9. Learned to play chess
  10. Donated to Florida State University
  11. Donated blood
  12. Created my own message board
  13. Owned my own webhosting business
  14. Picked out my wedding dress
  15. Was a “student star” featured on FSU’s student site
  16. Took a 500 mile road trip solo (and by road trip I mean drove to visit my parents)
  17. Taught myself how to do rose frosting
  18. Threw a party
  19. Was on TV
  20. Learned to play a viola
  21. Gave my bathroom a makeover
  22. Attended a filming of Martha Stewart
  23. Backed a project on Kickstarter
  24. Apologized (as an adult) to someone I was mean to (as a kid)
  25. Read the entire Left Behind series
  26. Fell in love
  27. Tried yoga
  28. Presented at FSPA about blogging
  29. Went to my first makeup trade show, PHAMExpo.
  30. Went line dancing
  31. Helped build a Habitat for Humanity home
  32. Attended a murder mystery play
  33. Had my photo taken by a professional photographer
  34. Ran a mile
  35. Went to the movies by myself
  36. Went to prom
  37. Stayed up all night
  38. Saw my first musical, Phantom of the Opera
  39. Saw a Broadway musical in NYC, RENT
  40. Watched the sunset at the beach
  41. Sent mail to Post Secret
  42. Had my makeup done by a makeup artist
  43. Wrote a letter to my future self
  44. Swam in a freshwater spring
  45. Started my own personal library at my house
  46. Visited Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas
  47. Voted in my first presidential election
  48. Voted in my first local election
  49. Made a list of 101 goals I’d like to achieve

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  • Reply Pat Bornemann

    I am tired just reading your list of 101 things you’ve already done. Whew! Great job! You certainly make the best of each day.

    January 22, 2017 at 11:41 am
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