Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Review

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

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On my YouTube channel I did a series of looks using the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette. I wanted to create as many looks as possible and test every single eyeshadow individually so I could write a full and thorough review of the palette.

The Full Spectrum Palette is a limited edition set of 21 eyeshadows with bold, bright rainbow shadows. 18 of the shades are brand new with 3 from previous palettes. Check out my swatches of the Full Spectrum Palette. They organized the shadows in a rainbow of ombré trios: pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, and even a wildcard row that goes from white to black.

I’ve said many times throughout this video series that rainbow colors and bright, vibrant shades aren’t normally my thing, but this palette made me step outside my comfort zone in a big way. Leap outside of my comfort zone, really.


The pink shadows overall were amazing to work with. Alchemy (deep fuchsia satin) has a touch of purple to it, making it much more wearable than the rest of the pinks. I can see myself using this one in an everyday makeup look for a touch of color. It blended very smoothly.

Gossip (bright metallic pink with subtle floating pearl) from the middle row applied incredibly vibrant and blended well. I can see this being used on the lower lashline and crease with impressive color impact.

Lastly, Paranoia (soft metallic blue-pink) is a nice surprise. It looks baby pink, but because of the blue-pink base, it kind of takes on a pink meets lilac vibe. I could see using this on top of a lilac cream shadow and transforming the look of it altogether.


The orange look I did is by far my favorite. Warning (deep metallic copper) is without a doubt my favorite shadow from the entire palette. It’s somewhere between copper and amber. It adds a beautiful warm glow when used in the crease.

Seize (bright metallic coral with subtle floating pearl) blends and builds quite well. The middle row of shadows overall are very vibrant and easy to build.

Jones (metallic orange with subtle floating pearl) MUST BE APPLIED WET! In the video you can see, when I apply it with a dry brush it’s sheer, but when I apply it wet, the metallic side shows through, and it’s much more pigmented. To use wet, just spritz your brush with a makeup spray. I use Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix.


Midnight Blaze (black matte with yellow-gold pearl) is not only the most disappointing shade in the yellow trio, but it’s the most disappointing shade in the whole palette. It’s not pigmented and it’s stiff. The upside? I didn’t have any fallout.

Calavera (bright yellow matte with subtle floating pearl) on the other hand is one of the most impressive shades in the palette. It’s highly pigmented and builds quickly.

Goldmine (metallic yellow-gold) is very similar to Jones, it’s beautiful but it must be applied wet. Without a wet brush, the shadow is chunky and flaky and sheer.


I am happy with the way the green shadow trio applied. Hundred (deep metallic forest green) is a stunner! It had some fallout though, so be very careful.

Hatter (vibrant green with tonal micro-sparkle) is vibrant but had to be built up. It’s very powdery when you dip your brush in the eyeshadow pan, so make sure to tap off your brush before you apply.

Mean (bright metallic lime green) performs better than Joens and Goldmine. You can apply it wet for a little boost, but I don’t think it’s mission critical. It isn’t totally opaque, but it performed well.


I am not impressed with the finished blue shadow look, but I am most let down by Minx (deep navy matte with floating tonal pearl). In the pan it looks like a cobalt blue, but on the skin it applied sheer, powdery and much more on the navy end of the spectrum.

Blindsided (bright teal blue matte with floating pearl) is the best performer from the blue. It applies true to color and blends well.

Metamorphosis (vibrant periwinkle blue with micro-sparkle) is another disappointment. It’s not nearly pigmented enough and needed to be applied wet. Even applied wet, I don’t think it performed well.


Colorful shadows aren’t normally my thing, but purple to me has always been a safe color that I incorporate every now and then. Delirious (deep plum matte with subtle floating pearl) is absolutely a shade I see myself using in the future.

Sketch (metallic medium purple) is absolutely beautiful as well. In the purple look I did, I don’t think I did it justice, so I can’t wait to keep using this color.

Faded (lavender with gold shimmer) is more of a grey purple. It is dusty in the pan and patchy when I use it in the crease and on the lid.


The Wildcard trio is the worst trio of all. Platonic (black matte with iridescent glitter) is not very pigmented and it is another dusty, powdery, sheer mess.

The biggest let down from this trio is Iced (oyster silver with shimmer). It looks stunning in the pan, but it us the most sheer shadow in the palette and had fallout.

Bump (matte white) they say is a matte white, but I think it has a little bit of a pearl to it. I wish this shadow had been vibrant, opaque white, but it is also sheer. I think it worked well as a highlight, but in the context of this palette I would have wanted something with a little more WOW.


I couldn’t let me color series end on such a negative note, so I created this rainbow look using Calavera, Seize, Gossip, Hatter, Metamorphosis, Blindsided, Minx, Delirious, Bump and Iced. I don’t think I’ve ever used so many eyeshadows in a single look before!

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Review

My favorite shadows from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette are: alchemy, warning, hundred, delirious, gossip, seize, calavera, hatter, blindsided, sketch, paranoia, jones (when used wet only) and mean.

While there were some low performers in the bunch, I think the high performers still make this palette a contender. Considering their singles go for $19 each (whoa buddy), the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette sitting at $55 is still a bargain.

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