Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish in “London Tomboy”

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish in "London Tomboy"

Pacifica is a brand I’ve written about a few times on Modern Martha and used in many, many of my YouTube videos. Most notably, I’m a HUGE fan, perhaps even their number one fan, of Pacifica Sea Foam Cleanser. Seriously, best. cleanser. ever.

They sent me their new nail polish additions for Fall/Winter to their 7 Free Nail Polish collection (shades: Luxe Interior, London Tomboy, Wonderland), and I instantly attached to London Tomboy.

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish in "London Tomboy"

London Tomboy is described as a jaguar green. If you don’t know what that means (I had to Google it myself), it’s like teal and pine green had a baby. A beautiful, sophisticated baby.

London Tomboy is a perfect fall and winter color, I see myself using it up until the spring months. I bedazzled my manicure with a little gold and red glitter polish for an intense glitter fade effect. Mark my words, I hope I never grow out of glitter. The color combination made my manicure extra festive without going full-on kelly green.

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish in "London Tomboy"

I like bright, vibrant colors, but green is not one of the shades in my nail polish collection. I have a green on hand for nail art purposes, but otherwise, you’ll never see my nail painted in green. This teal “jaguar green” is clearly an exception. It’s polished (nail puns!), andddd I’ve run out of words to describe my love for it. GUYS, I love it.

Pacifica’s 7 Free Nail Polish formula is a good formula. It’s not the most long-lasting that I’ve tried, but it holds up well throughout the week, AND the solid cream colors, like London Tomboy, often only require one coat. I always top my mani with CND Vinylux Weekly Topcoat anyway, which can make even the most average nail polishes last and last.

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish ($9) is 100% vegan and cruelty free and is free of parabens, phthalates, toluene, zylene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin and animal-derived ingredients.

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