Picking The Perfect Holiday Card

Picking The Perfect Holiday Card

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Finding a holiday card you like is easy. Finding a holiday card you LOVE is where the challenge lies. I had my first major card picking experience when Xavier and I searched for the perfect wedding invitations earlier this year. Minted made it really, really easy, so when they asked if I wanted to partner up for the holidays, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

When it came down to selecting the right website to purchase my wedding materials from, Minted won not only because of the wide selection of designs and easy to use site, but mostly because they have free recipient addressing. YEP. We didn’t have to address a single wedding invitation. Now that I’ve had this in my life, I can never go back.

When I told Xavier I wanted to do holiday cards this year, he didn’t seem too excited. I told him Minted would address the cards for us again, so all we would have to do is stamp them and seal them. That won him over.

Consult Your Significant Other

Since I just went through a very similar process on Minted earlier this year, I knew exactly how it was going to go. I perused the holiday photo card selection, picked my favorites, popped in my holiday card photo, then let Xavier have the final pick.

In my house, Xavier claims he doesn’t care about this kind of thing, but once he makes his selection, if I try to make any suggestions or alternate picks, he turns into full manchild mode. “But I like the red one!!” I think he cares more than he likes to let on.

His style is simple and classic while mine is modern and glitzy. When searching for my top picks, I tried to find a wide variety.

Take a Photo

If your photo is priority over card aesthetic, take your photo first. If card design is more important, pick that first. For Xavier, Scrappy CoCo and Beta, I knew it would be hard enough as it was to get everyone in frame, so we chose to take pictures first, then select a card that accommodated it.

If you don’t have time to take a staged Christmas picture, they have a ton of collage style cards where you can plug in a variety of photos from the year.

If Xavier and I couldn’t coordinate a photo, we would have chosen one of their Newly Married themed cards and used one of the photographs from our wedding. Easy. As. Pie.

For the camera shy, they even have Pet themed cards, so you could just send a holiday card of your favorite furry friend.

Pick Your Card

Browsing their card selection is incredibly simple. The filters let you narrow down the categories to get to exactly what you’re looking for. For our card, I selected “One Photo,” “Landscape,” and “Flat.”

When you click “see more filters” there are even more ways to help you in your search. For us, text placement needed to be moveable or at the very bottom because of the layout of our picture. I thought it was really cool that they also offer themes for your holiday card like Baby’s First Christmas and Newly Married.

Sometimes it’s hard to visualize your photo on these cards, but you can turn on their “Find it Fast” feature to have your photo automatically populated in all of the cards on the page.

There are what seems like a million cards to choose from. Minted’s holiday cards are one of a kind because they are sourced from and support a global community of independent artists.

They offer basic paper options plus Luxe paper and printing: thick, high quality paper, as well as foil-pressed and letterpress formats.

These are my top holiday card picks:

Lots of Dots Foil-Pressed Postcard
Lots of Dots Foil-Pressed Postcard

I knew Xavier would never go for this card. It’s elegant and feminine, much more on my end of the spectrum (plus FOIL!).

Modern Peace & Joy Holiday Photo Card
Modern Peace & Joy Holiday Photo Card

This was my favorite card, and I felt like it married our two styles. Xavier ended up not liking how small it made our photo, so we passed.

Simple Elegance Holiday Photo Card

Simple Elegance Holiday Photo Card

I KNEW Xavier would pick this one. To me, it’s kind of old school? But the font updates it, and the rich red color matches my lipstick, so hey. This was the winner! We customized it so there’s an additional photo on the back of the card with a note from us to our friends and family.

Dazzling Foil-Pressed Holiday Card

Dazzling Foil-Pressed Holiday Card

Since this is our first Christmas together as a married couple, I thought a newly wed themed holiday card could be fun. Ultimately, it didn’t fill Christmas enough, so we skipped it.

Established Holiday Postcard

Established Holiday Postcard

I love this photo and text treatment so very much, but again, just didn’t feel the holiday vibe from it. Kind of looks like a book cover, doesn’t it?

I can’t wait to share the final card with you all! I will post photos as soon as they arrive.

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