BHue Beauty Pencil Kit

BHue Beauty Pencil Kit

If you’re new to BHue Beauty, you’re in good company! BHue Beauty launched in May of this year, making it one of the newest makeup brands out there. They sent me the BHue Beauty¬†Pencil Kit to test out, so I thought I would share some swatches with you guys.

The pencil kit comes with six different pencils, all designed for multiple purposes.

BHue Beauty Pencil Kit

  • shimmer highlighter – a shimmery pencil to highlight under the brows, on the inner corner of the eyes and on the cupid’s bow
  • cafe au lait – a mild brown pencil for lining eyes, blonde brows or a nude lip
  • dusty pink – with a baby pink hue, this liner can be used on the inner eyes and as a liner for a pink lip
  • universal taupe – a taupe brown shade for almost any brow, can also be used on the lower lashes for some soft definition
  • basic black – the names says it all, a rich black liner for the brows and eyes
  • wax stay – colorless wax pencil to tame brow flyaways and line any lip color to prevent feathering

There is a little bit of discrepancy between what I received and what is listed on their website. My kit came with a card inside that listed the shades as I did above, but on their web page in the main graphic it lists dusty rose instead of dusty pink and instead of shimmer highlighter is says dusty taupe. Not sure if the kit contents have changed or if there was just a typo that got past their graphic designer.

BHue Beauty Pencil Kit

The pencils are made with cedar wood, and they come in a reusable tin case. There is a plastic tray inside that perfectly holds your pencils, so you can keep it as is or you can remove the plastic tray and store a bunch of pencils. The tin case makes this very eco-friendly, I could definitely see using this pencil case for travel or storage.

Unfortunately, the pencils are not individually labeled with their shade names. The names are very descriptive, so it’s not hard to tell which pencil is which, but at a quick glance, they all look the same. With my massic makeup collection, I would prefer color coded pencils or to have shade names listed on each one.

Additionally, there is a clear, plastic jewel on the end of each pencil. In the photo above you can see one had already popped off, and now that I’ve been testing these out, only two remain. It’s a cute detail, but with them falling off like this, it feels cheap.

The cedar pencil can be very crumbly on the first sharpen, so be sure to blow off the pencil tip before putting it up to your eye. After the first sharpen, I haven’t experienced this again.

The kit comes with a pencil sharpener that not only sharpens the pencils quite well, but it also comes with a cleaning stick built in.


BHue Beauty Pencil Kit Swatches

Left to right: shimmer highlighter, cafe au lait, dusty pink, universal taupe, basic black

Final Thoughts

Overall, I appreciate the multi-purpose angle they are going for with both these pencils and the tin case. I have such a huge makeup collection, it’s hard to finish any one item! There are some obvious ways BHue can improve on this Pencil Kit, especially at a price point of $65. My number one recommendation would be shade labels and upping the quality of the pencil (the gemstone, gotta ditch it).

Also, as a purchaser the mislabeled product image on the website creates confusion. It would be great to see close ups on the pencils, swatches and an example of the looks you could achieve.

I’m excited to see BHue Beauty evolve!

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