Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Swatches

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Today I saw an email from Urban Decay offering all of the UD Beauty Junkies early access to their latest launch, Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette ($55). Being that Urban Decay is my number one brand crush, I signed up for their Beauty Junkies loyalty program way back.

I didn’t immediately jump on the early access offer because this rainbow eyeshadow palette is loaded with bold, pigmented, bright shades, and I’m more of an Urban Decay Naked collection kind of gal. But it certainly piqued my interest.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Imagine my surprise when I arrived home to find this PR package waiting on my doorstep! Urban Decay sent me this so I could share it with you all, and I couldn’t be happier to swatch it for you.

If you’re a color addict, this palette was made for you. It’s a limited edition palette with 21 shades that cover the full color spectrum. Rainbow makeup, hello! 18 of the 21 shades are brand new while 3 are from past palettes.

The outside of the palette is just as impressive as the inside. It’s in a black plastic case with shiny and matte contrasting detail. The UD logo pops out with a jewel detailed, rainbow accent. The closure is magnetic, so the palette can pop open. Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette is very lightweight.

As every Urban Decay fan would expect, each eyeshadow is full-size, so the $55 price tag is mind-blowing in the best way possible.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Swatches

TOP ROW: Alchemy, Warning, Midnight Blaze, Hundred, Minx, Delirious, Platonic SECOND ROW: Gossip, Seize, Calavera, Hatter, Blindsided, Sketch, Iced THIRD ROW: Paranoia, Jones, Goldmine, Mean, Metamorphosis, Faded, Bump

When I look at the palette I immediately dissect it by row, but Urban Decay designed these in ombre trios by column, pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples and what they call a “wildcard” row with white, silvery white and charcoal-black. There’s a mix of shimmer and matte shades, so it gives you a little variety.


Alchemy (deep fuchsia satin)
Gossip (bright metallic pink with subtle floating pearl)
Paranoia (soft metallic blue-pink)


Warning (deep metallic copper)
Seize (bright metallic coral with subtle floating pearl)
Jones (metallic orange with subtle floating pearl)


Midnight Blaze (black matte with yellow-gold pearl)
Calavera (bright yellow matte with subtle floating pearl)
Goldmine (metallic yellow-gold)


Hundred (deep metallic forest green)
Hatter (vibrant green with tonal micro-sparkle)
Mean (bright metallic lime green)


Minx (deep navy matte with floating tonal pearl)
Blindsided (bright teal blue matte with floating pearl)
Metamorphosis (vibrant periwinkle blue with micro-sparkle)


Delirious (deep plum matte with subtle floating pearl)
Sketch (metallic medium purple)
Faded (lavender with gold shimmer)


Platonic (black matte with iridescent glitter)
Iced (oyster silver with shimmer)
Bump (matte white)

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Delirious, Calavera, Faded, Goldmine

I created this yellow and purple eye look using Delirious, Calavera, Faded and Goldmine. Delirious and Calavera were incredibly easy to work with, very pigmented and easily blended. Faded and Goldmine were a little tougher. Faded caught a little while blending and Goldmine had fallout. I will experiment with wetting my brush first with this shade.

I can’t wait to experiment more with this colorful palette! The possibilities are endless.

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    This pallette looks awesome! Can’t wait to get it

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