Bite Beauty Lip Lab Experience

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

The most powerful emerging beauty trend is personalization and customization. Beauty shoppers have grown accustomed to makeup companies offering a set of shades, from foundation to lipstick. Now we see companies offering custom blended foundation shades (seriously!) and custom designed lipsticks. I got my first taste of custom beauty with Bite Beauty Lip Lab in New York City.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab in New York allows people to create a custom lipstick, from shade to finish to flavor to cap shape. You work one on one with one of their store associates to mix and blend colors until you arrive at your perfect lipstick.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

First you site down with an associate to mix your shade. They have color pots on a large tray that they use. Once you select your finish (creme, matte, sheer, etc) you select the scent. They have vanilla, violet, cherry, citrus mango, fresh citrus and mint.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

They blend everything up, pour it into a lipstick bullet mold and pop it in to set. When it’s done they remove it from the mold and carefully insert it into your lipstick tube. They even let you pick the shape of your lipstick cap!

The lipsticks are $55 each, certainly not budget-friendly, but for me it was 100% worth the experience.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

My Bite Beauty Lip Lab Lipsticks

The first shade I created was a beige/nude that I can wear every day. I selected a creme finish because it is incredibly comfortable on my lips. For scent I opted for mango. I didn’t think I would choose anything other than vanilla, but they had some great options.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Bite Beauty Lip Lab

The first color the Bite Beauty Lip Lab associate made was too dark so we went a little lighter. We made one more adjustment before we landed on the final shade. To recreate my shade, mix the following: 1/4 nutmeg, 1/4 cashew, 1/16 brown (I’m assuming the rest of the formula is the base that makes it matte/creme/sheer/etc).

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Bite Beauty Lip Lab

The next shade I created was a fuchsia/berry for my bold, alter ego days. I chose a matte finish, my preference for bold lip colors because they tend to wear a bit longer. I selected the cherry scent.

The first round was too pink, then I wanted to make the color more blue-toned. To make this color, mix: 1/4 violet, 1/4 starfruit, 1/8 quince.

The Bite Beauty Lip Lab is a really fun experience. I recommend you book your visit, they fill up several weeks in advance. Luckily I was able to walk in first thing in the morning and nab a spot, but it’s always best to be prepared.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab
NEW YORK, NY 10012
MON-SAT 11 – 7
SUN 11 – 6

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