thredUP Clean Out Kit Experience

thredUP Clean Out Kit

Along with my mission to declutter and streamline my makeup collection, I’m also determined to clean out my wardrobe. I’ve sold my clothes through Plato’s Closet before, but I wanted to give thredUP a go since it’s one of my favorite clothing sites.

thredUP Clean Out Kit

thredUP is an online secondhand clothing store that you can buy from and sell to. If you want to sell some of your clothes, order their Clean Out Kit, essentially a mailable laundry bag. The ship the bag to you for free and they pay for the return postage for when you submit your clothing. They process the clothes and send you the payout in the form of a credit on their site. You can also cashout with PayPal.

Tips for Selling to thredUP

  1. Check their brands list to see what brands they accept. Don’t send anything not listed!
  2. Don’t send anything way older than five years.
  3. Make sure there are no stains, tears or hanging threads.
  4. Send clothing that is in-season and on-trend.

thredUP Clean Out Kit Experience

The thredUP guidelines on what to expect are very clear and transparent. You can take a look at the Earnings Calculator to get an estimate on what you could receive for your pieces (hint, not much). You can review the brands list to see what they will take.

You go online to request your thredUP Clean Out Kit. It’s mailed to you in an envelope with more instructions on what to do next. The clean out bag will fit up to a laundry basket worth of clothing. The postage is paid, so I dropped it off with USPS.

I sent in seven tops and a dress, and they accepted the dress and one top for $3.78 total. It’s 100% possible they won’t accept any items from your bag. With the items they don’t select you can choose to have them returned for a fee ($12.99) or have thredUP donate them.

The process is a lengthy one! Once thredUP received your bag it takes two to four weeks for processing. After that you will receive an email with your earnings statement. You can shop on thredUP immediately with your credit or wait an additional two weeks to cash out with PayPal. For me, the process took five weeks, which is a little lengthy.

I liked that in the email I could see which items they accepted, and I thought it was a bonus to receive a confirmation email when my items were purchased.

thredUP Clean Out Kit Experience

Would I Do It Again?

The five week process was a little long for me. I think I would make a pit stop at Plato’s closet to see if I could get that instant gratification of cash in my pocket, and send the remainder to thredUP. I think a great thing about the thredUP clean out kit is the convenience of it. You toss your clothes in a bag, send it in and money appears in your thredUP account. Pretty easy.

For me, it’s definitely not worth the $12.99 to have any unwanted items returned. If your motive is money, take the time to try and sell your own clothes for what you think they’re worth, and then send what you can’t sell to thredUP. This service is all about thrifting responsibly, and any cash you get out of it is just a bonus.

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    I’ve been so curious to see how thread up works. I normally head over to plato’s closet – I can’t imagine waiting 5 weeks!

    July 13, 2016 at 6:31 am
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