20 Summer Weekend Activities

Fun Things to Do This Weekend
I spend so much of the work week yearning for the weekend, but by the time it arrives, I haven’t planned a single thing. Sometimes it’s nice to spend the weekend doing absolutely nothing, but other times I get cabin fever! Here are a few fun things to do on any given weekend this summer, weather and geography permitting.

1. Go to the park.

At City Park in Denver, they put on a jazz show every Sunday evening. Even if your park is jazz-free, it’s fun to have a picnic. Pack sandwich and fresh cut fruit, make yourself some cocktails to-go, and pack a good book. Soak up some sun (responsibly, of course).

City Park in Denver, Colorado

2. Go to the drive-in movie theater.

This is something on my bucket list! I’ve always wanted to go to the drive-in like in the movie Grease. If your city doesn’t have a drive-in, there are a few more options. In Denver there is Film on the Rocks at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, Southwest Movies at Skyline Park and Civic Center Bike-In Movies.

3. Go ziplining.

It’s on my bucket list! Also, check Groupon.

4. Go to a lake or the beach.

Swim, kayak, fish, catch some rays. Go on a boat trip, rent some jet skis, try paddle boarding.

5. Go on a bike ride.

Don’t own a bicycle? Some cities have rent-a-bike programs, but for those that don’t, check with your local bike shop to see if they rent gear.

6. Host a dinner party.

During the winter it gets dark early, dinner parties are limited to the indoors. With the long summer days, it extends the amount of use we get out of the backyard and effectively triples our entertaining space!

7. Go on a staycation.

Flights are pricey, so book a vacation right where you are. Go on a date night downtown, book a hotel and feel fancy. I dare you.

8. Take a day trip.

Anything within 2 hours is feasible for a day trip. We’re lucky to be surrounded by all sorts of fun towns: Breckenridge, Silverthorne, Steamboat. During the summer you can hit the alpine slide in Breckenridge, visit Glenwood hot springs or shop in Vail. A few summers ago my family and I drove to the top of Mt. Evans!

9. Go shopping at an outdoor mall.

There are so many outdoor shopping malls out here, and during the summer I totally get it, but during the solid 6 months of winter, I wonder what the heck they were thinking.

10. Go on a hike or a backpacking trip.

I love to go on morning hikes near the city about a half hour out. It’s nice to be able to get a little exercise and sun without taking up a whole day or tank of gas. If the taking-up-your-whole-day thing sounds appealing, go on an overnight backpacking trip! I went backpacking for the first time with Xavier last summer. It was difficult but rewarding.

Summer Backpacking Trip

11. Host a backyard movie night.

Rent a screen and projector on the cheap! The only tough part can be audio. If your speakers aren’t loud enough, look into silent disco equipment rentals. Our friends do Game of Thrones screenings in their backyard, and this year they rented silent disco headphones, so everyone could enjoy the movie without hearing side conversations.

12. Go camping.

Or glamping, if that’s more your speed.

13. Visit a theme park or water park.

If your local theme park is too pricey, check out Groupon to see if there are any discount tickets available. When I was in middle school and high school, my friends and I would buy summer passes to Busch Gardens in Tampa.

14. Play mini golf or Top Golf.

I am truly terrible at putt putt, but it’s always a ton of fun. I psych myself up in my head whenever I play, “THIS is it!  You’re going to beat everyone!” Never works.

15. Go to an outdoor concert.

There are a lot of outdoor music festivals in the summer time. Don’t forget to check your local amphitheater.

16. Go to a baseball game.

I’m the first to admit, baseball is a slow sport. But, I love going to the games because it’s fun to go with friends, have a drink, eat some mediocre stadium food and be outdoors. Unless you’re the Tampa Bay Rays and you have an indoor stadium, in which case hallelujah for air conditioning.

Wrigley Field in Chicago

17. Visit the museum.

Most museums will do free days once a month, so check your local museum’s calendar.

18. Go geocaching.

This is also on my bucket list! It’s essentially a treasure hunt in real life. Create an account on or download the app.

19. Host a yard sale.

Okay, so this might be work to some and fun to others. For me, it’s a very cleansing feeling to rid myself of unwanted junk! If hosting a yard sale isn’t your thing, then go yard sale picking. Saturday mornings in the summer are prime time!

20. Hit the pool.

Hit up your community pool. If you go early enough, you can beat the crowds. Or, make a friend that lives in an apartment complex. Works every time.

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