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DIY Sweetheart Table Decorations

Sweetheart Table Decorations

When I envisioned my wedding, one thing I never put much thought into was whether or not I wanted a sweetheart table or a bridal party head table.

Sweetheart Table vs Head Table

I’ve been to weddings with both sweetheart and head tables, and even one with neither! For some arrangements, joining the rest of the crowd and skipping the special table setup can definitely work. But, once we landed on an open seating arrangement, I decided a dedicated table for the bride and groom would be best. I have been told again and again that the bride and groom barely have a chance to rest or even eat their food because of the celebration, so the sweetheart table was a safe haven for us.

With the head table, my hangup was ultimately the fact that I didn’t want to separate the groomsmen and bridesmaids from their friends and significant others. Even though the party is for the bride and groom, I think everyone will have a good time if they feel comfortable. To make it all work, we decided to do a sweetheart table for me and Xavier and then reserve a large roundtop that could fit the 6 members of the bridal party plus 4 significant others. As the only reserved table in the room, everyone else, including parents, selected their own seats. Parents did had a leg up though, since they were in the ceremony space with us as it was in process of being flipped for the reception.

Sweetheart Table Decoration Ideas

  • Mr. & Mrs. Sign – This was my first choice. Instead of buying one of the cute (but pricey) options on Etsy, I purchased a sign from Amazon. Unfortunately, the sign we received did not match the image shown in the listing! They were even tinier than expected, so I decided to use it by the guest book and make my own letters for the table. Sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little extra to get what you want!

Wedding Guest Sign-In Table

  • DIY Glitter Letters – Okay, so glitter isn’t a must, maybe painted, but… glitter!! Read how I made my l-o-v-e gold glitter letters.
  • Flower Petals – When I hit a brick wall with my affordable decor ideas, I decided to buy a ton of lavendar rose petals (6,000 fresh lavender rose petals from Fifty Flowers $159.99). We used the petals for EVERYTHING. They lined the aisle on both sides, filled our centerpieces, and graced our sweetheart table.
  • Candles – This was another affordable item. I found filled votive candles on Amazon in sets of 48 for only $30 bucks. I had them spread around the space and across the tables.
  • Bouquets – A lot of articles recommend using the bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces for the main tables, but with only three bridesmaids, that’s a little skimpy! Our coordinator at our venue (1930 Grande Room in Ybor City, Florida) arranged to have one of our cylinders from our centerpiece set up to hold my bride’s bouquet, and it looked great.

Bridal Bouquet Centerpiece

  • “Just Married” Sign – Most people don’t drive away from their reception with a “just married” sign hanging from the tail of the car anymore. Instead, add it to your  table! Plus, with a little string and cardstock, this is another great DIY option.

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