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Wedding Beauty Travel Essentials

Wedding Beauty Travel Essentials

As I’ve mentioned many times, I hated planning for my wedding, so I tried to find joy where I could, like planning out my packing list. I started packing five days before our flight, which mind sound early, but I was plagued with “I can’t forget to bring…” thoughts. Purchasing my wedding beauty travel must-haves started even earlier, anytime I saw something I thought I might need, it went it a Target shopping bag in the guest room.

I envy brides that are local to their venue, because packing a day-of emergency touch up kit is already a necessity, but packing for an entire week for my destination wedding was a lot to handle. Overpacking is already something I struggle with, so I had to come to terms with the idea that packing extra things in this instance was acceptable. Beyond my makeup bag, these are a few of the beauty travel essentials I took with me.

Wedding Beauty Travel Must-Haves

  • Travel-Size Toiletries. Some of my personal care items, like my Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Mousse, don’t come in miniature form, so I tried to save room where I could with travel-size shampoo, conditioner and body wash. A few months ago Pacifica sent me their Jet Set Trio Kale Collection with shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner, and the size of each item was perfect for a week long trip.
  • Shaving Gel and Razors. Normally when I travel I’ll skip shaving cream and just use conditioner or soap or whatever’s on hand, but for my wedding beauty arsenal I picked up a mini can of my favorite Skintimate shaving gel and a pack of men’s disposable razors, because we all know razors cost extra when they’re pink.
  • Makeup Wipes AND Liquid Makeup Remover. Makeup wipes, like the Pacifica wipes I received, are perfect for those days where you are absolutely exhausted and the idea of washing your face feels like climbing Mount Everest. Pacifica sent me their Travel Ready Facial Wipes set which comes with 5 pouches with 10 towelettes each. The pack I took with me on this trip was the Moisture Energize Serum Wipes. At the same time, makeup wipes generally have a tough time with the harder to remove items (waterproof makeup spray, hello!), so it’s nice to have a little makeup remover on hand as well. I took a sample I received from a makeup counter, and it was the perfect size. It was amazing at removing the individual false lashes I had applied. I soaked a Q-Tip in the remover, ran it back and forth over my lash line a few times, and the lashes fell right off.
  • Q-Tips. Aside from false lash removal, cotton swabs are great for touching up makeup, a wedding beauty must-have.
  • Perfume. Scents are very important to because of the way they are tights so intimately with memory. If I smell Bath & Body Work’s warm vanilla sugar, I’m instantly transported back to middle school. If I smell Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, it’s sophomore year of college all over again. For my wedding I really wanted to start with a new fragrance to mark a new period in my life. I took my new favorite scent, Catherine Malandrino Romance de Provence Eau de Parfum. I receive a sample size spray in my May Boxycharm, and it was love at first sniff. I also purchase the Pinrose The Sampler Travel Fragrance Pack. The pack is great for trial as well as travel.
  • Body Lotion. I have dry skin, and the little lotion bottles they give you at hotels are enough to cover approximately one leg. Maybe. I found this Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion 3 fl. oz. bottle in the regular lotion aisle instead of the travel section.

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