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Treats Subscription Box Review | Brazil

Treats Subscription Box

If you haven’t heard of the Treats subscription box yet, it’s a fun, monthly box featuring snacks from around the world. Every month you get to try snacks from a new country! They sent me a Germany snack box to review, and I absolutely loved it, so when they offered me a Brazil box, I said heck yeah!

As much as I hate to admit it, until recently I didn’t know much about Brazil other than the fact that it’s in South America, and they speak Portuguese. You can see I’m very knowledgable about the world, so cultured. Xavier and I have a friend from Brazil, and he introduced us to this restaurant in Wheat Ridge called Little Brazil, where they make delicious coxinhas and strogonoff de frango. Yum!

Our friend verified that everything inside our Treats subscription box is 100% authentic!

Inside the Treats Subscription Box:

  • Passatempo with Chocolate Filling by Nestle – Cookies with a milk chocolate filling. I happen to be eating this right now. Approved!
  • Presunto Conchinhas by Yokito – Ham flavored corn chips. I have to say, this sounds very strange, but I haven’t tried it yet, so I’ll try not to judge.
  • Agua e Sal by Renata – Salt and water crackers.
  • Bananinha Paraibuna – An all-natural banana candy bar (vegan).
  • Sonho De Valva Bonbons by Lacta – A popular Brazilian bonbon (candies covered in chocolate) with a cashew nut filling covered in chocolate. Xavier enjoyed these very much, he almost scarfed down both of them without sharing a bite. Almost.
  • Serenata De Amor Easter Egg by Garoto – When Xavier and I were at Little Brazil, we say these hanging from the ceiling, and the cashier told us they were Brazilian Easter eggs made of chocolate and filled with bonbons.
  • Prestigio by Nestle – Chocolate bars filled with coconut.
  • Chokito by Nestle – A milk chocolate rice crisp bar with a caramel fudge center.
  • Baton Branco by Garoto – A white chocolate stick, the best selling chocolate from children in Brazil.
  • Pipoca Doce Vovozinha by Fabitos – Sweet popcorn. When I opened these, they were NOT what I was expecting at all! I was thinking something along the lines of kettle corn, but this looks more like Kellogg’s Corn Pops.

The Treats subscription box Standard Pack comes with 4-6 snacks and is $13.95 per month, plus free shipping. This box is a Premium Pack with 8-12 snacks (10 came in my box, plus the Easter Egg is gigantic!!) and these are $25.95 per month, plus free shipping.

I think receiving a box of international candy and snacks every month is so fun (and tasty), and I think it makes for a great gift box.

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