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Mix & Match Dining Chairs Inspiration

It has become the standard to have perfectly matching dining chairs. In our dining room we have a set of four dark brown chairs with a matching table. The look is repetitive, and I can’t help but think it would be so much more warm and inviting if we mixed it up a little!

Mix and match dining room chairs might sound a little crazy, but after looking through inspiration on Pinterest, I think it’s 100% doable. Chairish asked me to participate in their Mix ‘n’ Match Style Challenge, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to rethink my dining room. There are a few ways to pick chairs that complement one another to make for a cohesive look.

Chairs of the Same Color

This to me seems like the easiest way to make it work! All white chairs, all black chairs or wooden chairs with the same stain.

Mix & Matching French Dining Set

Same Chair, Different Upholstery

The mid-century chairs below are the perfect candidates for an upholstery makeover. Pick a few pieces of pattern fabric in a cohesive color scheme (fun brights, soft pastels, monochromatic). This also makes the design easy to change out when the mood strikes without purchasing a whole new set!

Mid-Century Oak Dining Chairs

Mid-Century Oak Dining Chairs from Chairish.

Mix & Match Dining Chairs

Louis XVI Antique Dining Chair from Chairish

Tips for Picking Mix & Match Dining Chairs

If you want a truly mismatched, “happy accident” look, then don’t think about it too much! Just keep a few of these tips in mind when you’re shopping for your new dining chairs.

  • Pick dining chairs of a similar height. When we have friends over for game night, we have to pull in some extra seating, either my desk chair or a fold up seat, and it’s always awkward when one person is way taller or way shorter than the rest of the group. If you think back to the show Friends, Monica had a mismatched set of chairs, but they were all the same height.
  • Pick dining chairs of a similar comfort level. The last thing you want is to a partial set of comfy seats and one or two unloved pieces.
  • Pick dining chairs that are about the same size and shape. If you find chairs that are similar but with slightly different features (different legs, different back) it can help the set look like it belongs together. I personally wouldn’t pair an ultra-modern chair with a vintage seat because the shape and vibe are so different, but that’s just me!

If all of this seems way beyond your comfort zone, you could always stick to accent chairs at the head of the table or a table with a matching bench and mix and match chairs. It’s a little mismatched without going too crazy.

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