Athleisure Invades the Beauty World

Birchbox's new athleisure line, Arrow

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The sporty chic trend has remained strong over the last few years, and contrary to popular belief about the temporary nature of fashion fads, the $2 billion increase in US apparel sales, according to an article on Forbes, demonstrates that athleisure is appearing to be something of an industry game changer. It’s evident in the rise in sales for brands like Lululemon and sneaker companies such as Vans, and it’s even a recurring motif for spring/summer and fall/winter fashion shows.

From online collections which include Vetements’ sweatpants and hoodies to Chloe’s track tops, like the one compiled by the online apparel retailer Lyst, fashion continues to weave itself into the world of athletics, proving that you can be stylish while working up a sweat, though it’s not just clothing designers that are responsible for making this happen. Have you ever heard of athleisure makeup, courtesy of Birchbox?

An online monthly subscription service that sends personalized samples of beauty products to subscribers, Birchbox is the first cosmetics company to dabble in this fashion and fitness frenzy. While they largely distribute other brands, their new line Arrow is their second in-house brand after Red Antler and offers something that others have yet to explore, a complete kit of makeup and skincare to complement your gym gear. Included in Arrow are a cooling cheek tint and tinted lip balm which add color when you’re looking pale during your workout, tinted brow gel to keep eyebrows in tact, along with essentials like deodorant to keep you smelling sweet while burning calories and facial mist that all can fit in their makeup bag. Gym rats will also have a couple other products to look forward, as the collection is set to have a water-resistant mascara, tinted serum and cleansing cloths.

But it’s not just the active lifestyle branding that is worth noting about this new line. In addition to being waterproof, long-lasting, easy to apply and achieving the no makeup look, the collection is also paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan, according to Marie Claire, and with every single product below a $20 price point.

What do you think of Birchbox’s new makeup line?

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