butter LONDON Allure Arm Candy Collection “Statement Piece”

butter LONDON Allure Arm Candy Collection "Statement Piece"

The butter LONDON Allure Arm Candy Collection is a stunning mix of trendy, seasonal shades with a mix of finishes from metallic to creme. I was immediately drawn to Statement Piece ($15), an opaque orange red with a creme finish. The color is very similar to Julep Nail Lacquer in Mandy (discontinued), an old favorite of mine.

Statement piece applies incredibly smooth, and the color is so solid you might not need that second coat. With a top coat the color lasted a week with minor chips. I did not apply a base coat which I regret because it did leave a faint yellow stain on my nails. The stain didn’t last long, my nails looked back to normal after a few days.

With the smooth, even application and the vibrant pop of color, this is my new favorite pedicure color.

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