Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Father and Daughter: A letter to my dad
Thank you for…

tying my shoes before school. You always tied them extra tight. No one could do it like you did.

teaching me how to find a deal. My shopping mantra is, “if it’s on sale, buy one in every color.”

painting my nails. When I tell people my dad painted my nails when I was little, they think it’s the sweetest thing because, well, it is.

letting me “drive” the mini van that one time. I don’t remember this clearly because I was so young, but I’m pretty sure we were in an orange grove, and I steered the van into a tree.

making my bathroom transformation possible.

buying me the blender that matches my KitchenAid mixer. Not only is it a great blender, but it’s pretty cool you remembered my color.

convincing Mom to let me wrestle shirtless with you and Devon when I was way too young to understand why that wasn’t allowed. You’re a feminist and you didn’t even know it.

flying me home when I’m homesick. I miss you and Mom. A lot.

showing me my way around a drill. In college I was always the roommate with the toolbox, and even still I’m the handyman around the house.

threatening my boyfriends with your arsenal of guns.

accepting and loving Xavier. I’m glad you never had to use the guns.

teaching me how to snowboard your first day on the mountain. How are you instantly good at everything? I need to learn that skill next.

helping me (or more like, allowing me to help you) repair my fence. You repaired my fence for a quarter of what the fencing company quoted us, so Xavier and I never had to file a claim with our homeowners insurance.

making the best flan de leche! And then teaching me how to make it, too.

supporting my internet ventures. You’ve given me recipe ideas, like the Jalapeño & Sausage Macaroni & Cheese (YUM!), and helped me with food photography. You told your friends about my YouTube videos before I was out of the YouTube closet, which was super embarrassing at the time, but it showed me how proud you were and that I shouldn’t keep my online life a secret.

And lastly, thank you for loving me. I couldn’t have had a better dad.

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  • Reply Carol

    Yep, you’ve got a pretty amazing Dad! I remembered all of that except the shirtless wrestling. I’ve always been modest and hoped to raise my daughters the same way…glad to see you turned out so well in spite of such an immodest beginning – lol! You are so much like your father, my darling daughter – you can do anything you set your mind to! I’m so very proud of you and love the beautiful relationship you have with your father. Love you.

    June 25, 2015 at 8:14 pm
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