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Over the years I’ve tried many different storage options for my makeup. When I was in high school and I exclusively work eyeliner and mascara, I kept my cosmetics in my dresser drawer. When I moved to college and makeup became a full-fledged hobby, I purchased Sterilite drawers, which I still use to this day.

Muji Acrylic Case 5 Drawers

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Now I’m exploring a few “big girl” options. Of course, everyone in the YouTubeverse loves the Muji drawers, so that is definitely on my infinite wishlist. The clear plastic has a very clean, chic look to it. In the picture above they stacked two drawers sets, and I think it looks quite nice.

I want my vanity to look like an adult’s vanity… but how old is too old for glitter? I made a yarn wrapped brush holder that I thought would be a little more sophisticated, but I’m still playing favorites with my glitter brush cup. Having my brushes in a brush cup is a must.

The Lipstick Acrylic Holder I found on Amazon is absolutely perfect for my space. I found a very similar one at Marshall’s at a comparable price, so shop around and see what you can find. I used to keep my lipsticks in a drawer, but this way I can see all of them at a glance.

I can’t wait for my next vanity makeover! Since I’ve spent some money on a few big ticket items lately :cough: wedding dress :cough: I think it may be some time before I make any changes, but it’s always fun to dream.

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