3 Posing Tips for Beginners

Posing tips for beginners

Guest Post | Amanda Miller

This post is from Amanda of Amanda Diane Photography. Specializing in contemporary portraiture, she knows a a thing or two about confidence in front of the camera. Today Amanda shares a few posing tips for beginners that I put to the test. Visit her blog for more tips and inspiration.

My job as a glamour photographer is to carefully pose women so that they can be empowered by photos that show their true self- how they want to be photographed, and how their loved ones see them. The camera is cruel. Sometimes we get a snapshot taken, feel fantastic, and see the photo and instantly feel deflated. We’ve all been there.

I asked Kelsey what she struggled with in front of the camera, and she said she would pose one way and it would turn out nothing like she imagined. Well I’m going to share 3 tips to help out Kelsey and other women to feel good in front of the camera.

1. Put at least one hand on you waist. If you Googled “red carpet poses”, almost all of the celebrities have at least one hand on the smallest part of their waist, usually the arm closest to the camera. If you’re curvy, the further you bring that hand in, the more your waist will be defined. You can also bring both of your hands in to make a faux waist- a pose I do with all of my clients- and a pose you can do especially if you know the photo is straight on.

Posing tips for beginners

Amanda mentioned if I put my left hand on my waist rather than my right, I would have had a little more waist definition because it’s closer to the camera.

2. Bring your front foot forward OR cross your knee over. Both choices give your legs something to do so you feel like you’re not just standing there. Both have very different results depending on your body type, but both do give you shape. I have most of my clients cross their knee over, but if I want to add curves to a very lean body, I have them bring their front foot forward. Perhaps go to a mirror and try both.

3. Bring that chin forward. Tyra calls it the turtle, and Kim Kardashian just mentioned it on Jimmy Kimmel for selfie 101. I think all women worry about getting a double chin in photos. Maybe because they have seen photos from a low unflattering angle and hated it. It will feel silly but when you pose for a photo you need to bring your chin forward. Make sure that you’re standing up straight so you don’t lose your neck. It creates a space between your chin and creates a defined shadow. As stupid as it feels, it looks amazing.

Posing tips for beginners

Bringing my chin forward felt strange, but the end result looked great on camera. It took away the roundness along my jawline and gave a more defined look.

Visit Amanda’s photography blog.

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  • Reply Tiffany | Sunshine Daydream

    Great tips! I am usually the one behind the camera but am branching out and going to do a few style posts with fellow bloggers and I have no clue how to pose! These are very helpful!

    Xx, Tiffany |

    May 22, 2015 at 11:15 pm
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