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Bathroom Updates: Flooring

When I last shared some updates to my bathroom, I left out one super-incredibly-important upgrade: flooring! I think we’ve established that the former homeowner had some seriously questionable taste in paint and decor, but the flooring situation made my head spin.

Bathroom Floor Before

In the bathroom she had put down industrial-looking grey rubber tiles and baseboards. If that wasn’t bad enough, she PAINTED them a flat, tan-ish yellow shade. In a room as highly trafficked as the bathroom, her subpar paint job didn’t stand a chance. It was scuffed and wearing away, exposing the grey underneath. It held dust like nobody’s business, and when I tried to use cleaner on it, the paint would rub away even more.

With my dad’s help, we pulled up all the tiles, saving the pieces surrounding the tub, vanity and toilet as templates. Luckily, the laminate tiles we selected were the same size as the previous tiles, and when we pealed up the old ones, it revealed a grid someone had drawn to help as a guide. We started on one side of the bathroom and worked our way over, making sure to keep the tiles butted up against each other as tight and snug as possible. We caulked the gap between the tiles and the tub and the tile and the toilet, and it looks perfect.

I tried to find the same laminate tiles I purchase on the Home Depot site, but it seems their in-store selection is quite different from online! Definitely check out what they have in-store before you buy.

My best piece of advise: buy extra tiles! We needed 28-ish, but we bought 32 just in case. I ended up with two extra tiles, which will come in handy later down the road if we ever need to replace a tile.

Bathroom Floor After

We ripped out the rubber baseboards as well and replaced those with wood baseboards of a similar height. They were an odd height, but luckily Home Depot had quite a range to work with.

Bathroom Baseboards Before and After

My dad cut the boards to size, and I sanded them down and painted them semi-gloss white. We caulked the baseboards to the wall and used finishing nails to hold them in place.

Bathroom Behr Brown Teepee

I’m so incredibly happy with all of the improvements I’ve been able to make to my home. I’m grateful my dad’s been able to help me and teach me so much. Without him I could have painted the wall, replaced the medicine cabinet, and maayyybe done the flooring, but NO WAY would it have turned out this nice. And the work we did on the vanity? There is now possible way I could have handled that with the plumbing issues we ran into. It’s definitely nice to have a seasoned veteran on your side.

Next up, I really need to decorate this house. There isn’t a single thing hanging up on the walls in this house aside from my letters on canvas DIY and a Sipping n Painting masterpiece in the guest room. I see many trips to TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Homegoods in my future.

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