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Quick, Affordable Christmas Decor

I like the idea of Christmas, but when it comes to decorating and being festive around the house, I’m kind of a fuddy duddy. Decorating as a kid always seemed like a bit of a chore, and to have to take it all down a few short weeks later made me care for it that much less.

Now that I have a home of my own, some sort of holiday decor itch has begun.. in the mildest way possible. I’ll never be the person to string my entire house in lights or deck the halls with boughs of holly, but I’m definitely capable of putting out a little display of glitter candles to suggest, yes, I’m aware the holidays are upon us.

Quick, Affordable Christmas Decor

The tall, slender candle holders in the back are from Dollar Tree along with the small ornaments inside them. It took two tubes of the mini ornament balls to fill two candle holders. I’m not sure I could possibly emphasize enough how stupid-easy it was to do this. Pour ornaments in a cup. Brilliant.

The small candle holder in front, the small red candles, and the silver dimpled candle holder are also from Dollar Tree.

DIY Glitter Candle

The medium size red candles are from either Walmart or Dollar Tree, I can’t recall. To see how I glittered mine, read my DIY Glitter Candle post.

The large white candle and candle holder are the only not-so-affordable items in the bunch. That set was a Pottery Barn gift to me and Xavier from a friend at our engagement party. The candle is normally all by its lonesome, and I think it looks quite nice surrounded my the Christmas candles.

Next to my candle display is a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree with a sad little string of lights and no ornaments. We only have a single strand of lights, and we wanted to go out and buy a second strand before we hung the ornaments. Long story short, we never hung the ornaments.

So there you have it. Just enough red and gold to trick myself into thinking I’m festive. Job. Well. Done.

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  • Reply Kaitlyn

    This display turned out great! I can’t wait to start decorating for the holiday season.

    November 17, 2016 at 12:07 pm
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