Vassen Dolly Plus Red Circle Lens Review

For the past two years I’ve used circle lenses to take my Halloween costumes up a notch. Circle lenses are contacts that make your iris appear larger, creating a doll-like effect. I was nervous when I tried them for the first time last year in my Barbie makeup tutorial, but this year I was much more confident. I selected the Vassen Dolly Plus Red circle lenses from Pinky Paradise for my vampire costume.

Pinky Paradise Dolly Red Circle Lenses

Vassen Dolly Red Circle Lenses

The Vassen Dolly Plus Red come in two sealed vials (seriously sealed, takes some effort to pop open) with a contact lens case. The diameter is 14.5mm/15mm which makes your eyes appear much larger than they really are. In the picture below you can see the bottom of my iris almost perfectly touches my bottle lid, but the contacts go much further down. Tricky to put in! Definitely takes practice, but removal was easy-peasy. If you’re a contact pro, it would probably be no issue for you.

Below you can also see the crazy cool effect the Vassen Dolly Plus Red lenses have with my light blue-green eyes. There is a gap in the center for your pupil where the iris shows through, and it makes it look like my eyes are glowing. If you have light eyes, and you’re looking for solid red eyes, these won’t work for you.

Vassen Dolly Red Circle Lenses on Blue Eyes

You can use the lenses for a year with proper care. The only major drawback for me is the ship time. Shipping is only $5-9 dollars for standard shipping, but it will take 14-25 business days. You can pay $19.90 for 1-3 business day FedEx priority shipping, which is actually a very reasonable price for international 3-day, but it’s almost the price of a pair of lenses. I recommend buying several pairs at the same time to make it worth your while.

The Vassen Dolly Plus Red lenses are available at Pinky Paradise for $22.90.

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Check out my vampire makeup tutorial!

This post contains affiliate links. These lenses were sent to me complimentary by Pinky Paradise to test and review.

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