Perlier Shea Butter White Lily Hand Cream Review

Perlier Shea Butter Hand Cream with White Lily

Dry skin is my life. I have come to accept that no matter how much water I drink or how much lotion I use, nothing can totally quench my skin’s thirst. And while I still have not found the miracle product to solve all of my dry skin problems, I’ve certainly found a few things that make life a whole lot better. Enter Perlier Shea Butter Hand Cream.

Perlier Shea Butter Hand Cream is made with shea butter and white lily extracts, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. 15% of the product is 100% organic shea butter. I love it when companies will reveal how much of an ingredient is in a product, because sometimes they way products are positioned can be very misleading. White lily does appear further down the ingredient deck, but I’m guessing it’s really just used for scent, so that makes sense. Note, this product does contain parabens.

My number one favorite thing about the hand cream is that it’s not greasy. You can apply and go on with your day. I apply this right before I head out the door in the morning and again just before I go to bed at night. My cuticles are much softer, so I have less dry skin to pick at (bad habit, I know!).

My number two favorite thing about the hand cream is that it smells more like lily than shea butter. However, I do think the scent could be dialed back just a bit. While this hand cream is suitable for sensitive skin, I’m not sure it’s suitable for sensitive noses! If scents bother you or floral fragrances are not your thing, this may not be for you. Overall, I thought it was pleasant.

If you’re interested in trying it out, you can buy Perlier Shea Butter with White Lily Hand Cream at HSN for $24.

This product was sent to me by iFabbo for the purpose of testing and reviewing.

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