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I Bought My First House!

Our First House

I mentioned in my Living Room Color Scheme post that I just recently purchased my first home. Wooo! Xavier and I opened a savings account together (that’s trust) and scheduled monthly transfers from each of our checking accounts into our joint account for about a year and a half, and just two weeks before our two year Denver anniversary, we closed on our new house. Having a 30 year mortgage isn’t ponies and rainbows, but it’s sure nice to be putting money towards my home each month instead of giving it away to a landlord.

Our First House

I’ve been reminded several times by friends and family that I need to share pictures, so here goes nothing! I’m thinking of this post as a “Before” type thing.

The Front Yard

Ho-lee-crap do we have a lot of yard. We have a huge back yard, an even larger front yard, and a side yard. This is the front yard pictured above. Good thing Xavier enjoys mowing the lawn (let’s hope that lasts). For the side yard, we’re looking into xeriscaping options. Eventually it would be nice to expand the garage to fit two cars, but that’s on the “eventually” list.

Living Room

First to-do was painting, and lots of it. The gold/yellow color the former owner selected for the living room, dining room and bathroom was not our cup of tea.

Behr Country Club and Classic


Picking up paint swatches it nice, but the proof is in the pudding.. pay $3 for the little sample jars and swatch it on your walls. On Pinterest Xavier and I had fallen in love with Behr’s Country Club (770B-5), but the living room in the pin had white built-ins across the room, so the room seemed a lot lighter. When we swatched it on our wall, man did it look dark. Instead we opted for its sister color, Classic (770B-4). Behr’s Classic is a cool-tone, chocolate milk type color, and in some light it can even look a bit lavender.

Behr Classic 770B-4

Xavier and I planned it so after closing we still had two weeks in our old place, which gave us plenty of time to clean the new house and paint all of the main rooms. We tackled the living room, dining room, bedroom, guest room and kitchen. And I officially never want to paint again. Too bad the bathroom is still unfinished… it’s halfway painted at least!

Bathroom Makeover

The yellow may appear to be an acceptable color choice, especially with the mint green tub, but we at least have to paint over the current yellow because the owner before us must not have been acquainted with painters tape.. there are paint globs all over the place. She must have done it quickly just to sell the place, because you can tell from different spots that the bathroom used to be bright seafoam and then at some point before that a very unattractive purple-merlot-burgundy. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear!

Bedroom Before

Here is the amazing seafoam green that covered both the bedroom and guest room. I have no words.

Behr Sandstove Cove Arabian Sands and Classic

I went through a lot of paint samples for the guest room. It’s an east-facing room, but it doesn’t get much light, so every color appeared slightly darker and a little more dull. We tried Behr Classic (770B-4), Sandstove Cove (730C-2), Arabian Sands (280E-2) and Creamy Mushroom (PPU5-13) before we finally found our winner.

Behr Pecan Sandie

Meet Behr Pecan Sandie (700C-3).

Behr Restless Sea

And Behr Restless Sea (PPU13-20) for the bedroom. Xavier was adamant about the room being very cave-like, and navy blue seemed the be the only color we could agree on.

Kitchen Before

We knew we had to do something about the yellowy off-white cabinets, so we painted the entire kitchen white. Later we may come back in and paint the walls, but on our eventually list is a kitchen remodel, so we don’t want to put too much money into it.


A couple coats of white paint certainly helped and was inexpensive, maybe new drawer handles next. And some decor.. what do you think we should do with the empty cabinets up top and along the sides of the window?

Basement Living Room

And the basement! We have a very extensive basement, something like 900 square feet. There’s an office, a small bedroom, a large workshop, and a living room bursting with potential. Right now Xavier’s cousin/best friend, Mark, is living with us, so we haven’t made any strides in this department, but we have plenty to keep us occupied upstairs. This picture is from when we toured the house.

Now it’s time to sit back and relax…

Scrappy CoCo

Just kidding! We have so much to do, I don’t think there will ever be a time that Xavier and I don’t have a project list.

Here’s what’s next on our to do list:

  • Paint the bathroom
  • Replace the windows (professionally, obviously)
  • Set up the basement living room
  • Decorate!! We have zero decor. Pinterest, here I come.
  • Find entertainment center for living room
  • Find console table/slim buffet for dining room
  • Buy a rug for the dining room (?)

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    Regarding the Behr paint color Country Club. Why does it look like to different shades on your sample wall. I am thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets this color and I am a little confused by your example. Can you help this DIYer out. 🙂


    February 28, 2015 at 9:42 am
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