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Umba Box Review

Umba January Box

There are so many subscription boxes out there that it’s hard for one to stand out, so I’m very impressed by Umba for doing just that. Umba is a monthly subscription service for people who love crafts and trinkets and supporting small artists. They partner with artists, designers and illustrators to bring you unique, handmade goodies.

I was first introduced to Umba in 2012 when my mom stumbled upon the subscription service and thought it would make for a great Christmas gift. Mom, as usual, you were right! It’s a fun gift box because it’s a complete surprise what will be inside, but you know it will be something cute and crafty.

The first box I ever received, the January 2013 box, contained a calendar coaster set from Sugarcube Press and a lip balm from Live Beautifully, coincidentally a Denver-based company. The calendar coasters were used as intended, calendar first then coaster second, and can be seen in my Vanity Makeover post from 2013. Live Beautifully Anthology Lip Balms are inexpensive and come in a variety of flavors- I recommend them.

The February 2013 Umba Box had a watercolor print from Laura Trevey on Etsy, a walnut necklace from Figs and Ginger and note cards from Nana’s Mountain Farm on Etsy. The March 2013 box contained a Little Shirley vase from Material Good, which still sits on my kitchen windowsill to this day, and a pin from Neogranny.

Each box comes with a little Meet the Artists description card where you can learn a little about the brands and the items you’ve received.

Umba January Box

This is the fourth box I’ve received, this time thanks to Umba themselves, and it was the January 2014 box. I knew the box I was received was the January box, and I didn’t dare to hope another coaster calendar set would be coming my way, but sure enough, there it was!! I absolutely love the 2014 Coaster Calendar from Sugarcube Press ($24.95). I love that you can continue to use the coasters for drinks, even after the months have passed. This way, you have a rotating collection of beautifully designed coasters gracing your coffee table each month.

Umba Box | 2014 Coaster Calendar by Sugarcube Press

Umba Box | 2014 Coaster Calendar by Sugarcube Press

The box also had the “Oscar Wilde” library collection candle from PADDYWAX. I can’t seem to find this particular scent online anymore in candle form, but you can still purchase the Oscar Wilde Diffuser. I also don’t think they sell these double wick tins anymore ($8), but they do offer Mini Jar Candles ($10) and Travel Tins ($5). PADDYWAX makes candles, diffusers, room sprays, handwash and bar soap in a ton of different scents.

Umba Box | Paddywax Oscar Wilde Candle

Umba Box | Paddywax Oscar Wilde Candle

Umba offers two types of boxes, the Delight Box and the Discover Box. The Delight Box is described as being “for those passionate about handmade” and the goods are supposed to be high-end. The Discover box is more for people that are just wanting to explore handmade. Umba’s Delight Box is $49 per month + $7 shipping (month to month or 3-month), $49 per month + free shipping (6-month) or $45 per month + free shipping (12-month). Umba’s Discover Box is $25 per month + $5 shipping (month to month or 3-month), $25 per month + free shipping (6-month), $23 per month + free shipping (12-month). I personally would go with the Discover Box to start out, and maybe switch to the Delight box down the line.

I am so pleased with this box. The coaster calendar is such a functional yet cute item that anyone and everyone can use, and the calendar is a broad-appeal fragrance that will make your home feel so cozy.  As Xavier and I get closer and closer to our potential move to our first home, as I previously mentioned in my Pantry Meal Planning, I’m getting more and more excited about decor and products for the home.

In addition to their subscription box, you can shop for individual items on their website as well, so if you see an unboxing video with something you like, you can head over and see if they carry in online as well. As of this posting they do have the 2014 Coaster Calendar and a few fragrances from PADDYWAX available. I am lusting after some of these pillows in the Home category.

If you’re interested in signing up, you need to order before the end of the month to be signed up for the next month’s box, and the box will be delivered early in the month. You can take a look through their lookbook to get a feel of what items and brands they’ve included in previous boxes.

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