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Walmart To Go Review

Walmart To Go

I absolutely love food, cooking food and eating food, so why is it that I can’t stand shopping for food? Grocery shopping is without a doubt in my Top 5 Things I Hate to Do List. Let’s be real, there’s never a good time for it. If you go on the weekend, it’s a total zoo. If you go on a weeknight, it’s not as crowded, but then you’re sacrificing a relaxing evening at home after a long day at work. Not ideal.

When I was told about Walmart To Go grocery service, I thought, “Too good to be true?” This is what I’ve been waiting for. I even remember when I was younger my mom telling me that one day this would be a reality, and here it is! And it isn’t too good to be true. You place your order online and you can either pick it up for free (they pack the items for you!) or pay $5-7 for delivery. It’s that easy. And it’s not just groceries!! Electronics, office supplies, toys.. This will change the way I shop forever. If it’s possible, Xavier is even more excited about this than I am.

Right now Walmart To Go is only available in select markets, but you can still sign up with your email address to get an alert when it’s available in your area.

Watch my Walmart To Go shopping demo where I walk you through ordering step by step online, and read more of my thoughts on my shopping experience below.

To see if Walmart Grocery To Go is offered near you or to sign up to be notified when it is available in your area, register here and receive $15 off your first order.

Shopping Experience

Keep your eye on your budget!
The shopping cart is always on the right hand side, which is very nifty. When you’re physically at a grocery store, you don’t have the easy ability to know your total, unless you’re dutifully keeping track as you’re tossing items in. With the shopping cart you can quickly increase/decrease quantities of each item.

Navigate quickly.
You can browse the website by category (meat, dairy, frozen, etc) but if you know exactly what you want, the search tool is very, very accurate. In my Walmart To Go shopping demo (see video above) I searched for 2% milk and, ta da, 2% milk galore. One of my only complaints is that when you shop by category, it gives you a few options to filter products by, and some of them are not as helpful as they should be. For example, under Pantry in the Canned Goods category, you can filter by shelf, brand or type. The “type” drop down is terribly overwhelming and the types are listed in order of which types have the most products. The list is so long and jumbled, it’s really faster to use the search bar.

Make a list, check it twice.
You can add things to your shopping cart, and instead of purchasing, you can add them to your shopping list. Add as often as you’d like. Then, when you’re ready to make your purchase, you can access your shopping list, adjust if needed and add the items directly to your cart and checkout. I’m constantly remembering things I need throughout the day, “more bread.. out of mouthwash.. need bananas.. craving chips” and it’s really easy to get those added to a list.

Shop your favorites.
You can quickly add items to your cart that you’ve purchased previously on your favorites page. Add and remove items from this page as you like.  If you click on the Snacks section for example, the site will show the “Featured Categories” at the top (chips, candy, etc), “Your Favorites in Snacks” next and then “Special Offers” (rollbacks) at the bottom.

Easy checkout.
If you preload your credit card and shipping info in to your account on the My Account page, it will save you a lot of time at checkout. For security purposes, the website does ask you to reenter your password and credit card CVV number at checkout.


It’s inevitable that your local store might not have something you’ve selected in your order. If you’ve selected an item they don’t have in stock, they will select a very similar substitution. When your order is delivered (or when you pick up your order), the delivery person is supposed to review the substituted items with you to make sure you’re happy with them. If you’re not, you can refuse them. If it’s a more expensive item, they will call you prior to making the substitution.

The bags are tabbed with a substitution sticker, see below, and your receipt is clearly labeled with substitutions listed at the very top. If the substitution is different in price from the item you selected, you’ll be charged the lesser amount.

Walmart To Go

If you’re 100% against this, you can change your preferences in My Account to “No, do not substitute items.” I recommend allowing it because before you complete you order you will have to opportunity to change your substitution preferences on a per item basis.

On my first order I had four substitutions:

  • I ordered onion bagels, I received everything bagels (same brand, same price)
  • I ordered one deodorant, I received another (same brand, same price)
  • I ordered one brand of chunk light tuna in water 4-pack and received the same thing from another brand (the brand I received was less expensive, and I was charged the lower amount)
  • I ordered one brand half gallon of 1% milk and received the same thing from another brand (the brand I ordered was less expensive, and I was charged the lower amount)

On my second order I selected a few odd items, just to test it out and see what they would send me (curry paste, tofu, mouthwash), but the only item that was swapped was the hummus. I ordered roasted red pepper flavor and received Supremely Spicy instead. This was ok for me, I really don’t mind, but for someone else that could be a bummer. You really just have to make an executive decision and hope for the best. And FYI to all, Roasted Red Pepper is not spicy, but I understand why someone would make that assumption, “Pepper.. hot.. Supremely Spicy? Bingo.”


As I’ve explained with substitutions, you’ll always be charged the lowest price for your item. Same goes for all other items! If you place your order on Monday with delivery on Saturday and an item drops in price during that time, you’ll be charged the lower of the two prices. It’s a beautiful thing.

Canceling/Changing An Order

With some exceptions, you can add or remove items or change the delivery time for your order until the day before your scheduled delivery. If you sign in to your account and go to My Orders, you can see the exact cutoff time for submitting changes. I personally did not experiment with this because both of my order were placed on a Sunday with delivery the very next day.

Delivery/Pickup & Payment

Before you start placing your order, you can reserve your delivery/pickup window. There will be a link on the right hand side directly above your cart. You should do this first to make sure you get the timeslot you want/need.

Pickup (available only at select supercenters, but quickly spreading) is free- Each store has a designated pickup area. Maps of these areas are available in your pickup confirmation email. Someone will help you load the items in to your cart.

The shopping cart will tell you the minimum amount needed for delivery- my cart has been telling me $30 minimum. You can pay $5 for a 4-hour delivery window or $7 for a 2-hour delivery window, and currently same-day delivery is not an option. After telling friends and family about Walmart To Go, two people have asked me about tips- the website clearly states on the About page that tips are NOT accepted. Someone over 18 must be home for deliveries, and if any alcohol is in your order someone over 21 must be home and present and ID. If you miss a delivery they will reschedule with you, but you might be charged a restocking fee.

I selected 2-hour delivery windows for both orders I placed. On the first order, my window was 6-8pm and they were late. I got a phone call at almost exactly 8 from the driver telling me he was running 10 minutes behind, and wanted to know if he was still good to come by or if I wanted to reschedule. I told him to come on by, and luckily his 10 minute guesstimate was spot on. Our delivery guy was very friendly- he wheeled up the groceries to the front door in a large rolling cart, helped me place them inside and then he went over the substitutions with me.

Walmart To GoThey threw in a reusable grocery tote and a few little freebies as a thank you for trying out the program for the first time. I don’t know for sure if this is an incentive from just my store, or if all stores in the program are doing it, but I thought it was very nice!

My second order was the same window on the same day of the week, and this time I got a call just after 6 telling me he was 10 minutes away. I was stuck in traffic, but told him my boyfriend was home and told the driver that Xavier had my permission to sign for the groceries. Luckily this was no problem at all, and the groceries were delivered by 6:15!

Walmart To Go

A few miscellaneous thoughts..

Just a note on payment, you will need to pay for your order with a credit card- currently they do not accept cash, gift cards or other forms of payment.

And PRODUCE! This has been a hot question from my friends. They’ve been wanting to know how I liked the produce that was selection for me. Between my two orders I ordered the following from Produce:

  • Lemon – size and coloring were perfect
  • Lime – same as the lemon
  • Onion – the person that picked the onion may have selected the largest one they could find, they were huge! but no visible bruising or dark spots, which is most important to me
  • Bag of Carrots – no problems here
  • Grape Tomatoes – no problems here
  • Cucumbers – They actually gave me an extra one. I double checked the order, and it said they were $0.68 each, and I only selected one but received two and was not charged for the second one. Bonus!
  • Spinach – no wilting!
  • Romaine – same as the spinach

I compared my receipts to what I received, and nothing was missed from either order. In two cases I actually received something extra- an extra set of bagels on my first order and the extra cucumber on my second order. No complaints here.

To see if Walmart Grocery To Go is offered near you or to sign up to be notified when it is available in your area, register here and receive $15 off your first order.

As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I’ve received a personal invite and incentives for my time and efforts in creating this post.

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  • Reply Garret

    Walmart Grocery delivery is unreliable . We ordered the groceries on a Monday for delivery on Tuesday between 3 and 5 pm. When it did not show up by 8 pm on Tuesday we called the Walmart help line. They said they would call back in 10 minutes, which they did not. On Wednesday when we called they indicated it would be Friday before they could deliver the groceries . We then asked for a refund of the grocery charge they already processed, they informed us it will be processed in 5 to 7 days. In summary the groceries will not delivered, it will 10 days before we get our money back from the date the charge was processed and most important the people at Walmart could care less. Maybe the word unreliable should be changed to disaster when best describing the service.

    March 11, 2015 at 8:38 pm
    • Reply Kelsey Reddick

      Hey Garret. It sounds like your experiences have been very different from mine. Thank you for sharing.

      March 12, 2015 at 6:24 am
  • Reply Sam Gates

    When I buy groceries I want to be able to see what I am buying. Too much old stuff at produce counters. Too difficult to get a refund from Walmart, even when it is their fault.

    October 8, 2016 at 1:52 pm
    • Reply Kelsey Smith

      Agreed, if you are produce picky, this isn’t for you.

      October 8, 2016 at 4:17 pm

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