Pond’s BB+ Cream Review (Light)

Ponds BB Cream Review

BB Cream, CC Cream, DD Cream. It’s hard to keep up with it all, but it looks like BB Creams are here to say. A BB Cream in the US is essentially a tinted moisturizer with other benefits. Pond’s BB+ Cream is a moisturizer, sunscreen and dark spot corrector with color. Four in one? Sign me up.

I received Pond’s BB+ Cream from Influenster, and it’s now my favorite BB Cream I’ve tried. I instantly loved the packaging, slim and sleek, and the light shade is so spot on. I’m still not a BB Cream addict, but I’ve already repurchased with product, so they must be doing something right.

Ponds BB Cream Light Swatch


  • Neutral color that can work for warm or cool skin tones. Every other cream I’ve tried in the past has been too orange or too golden. This is just right for me.
  • Smooth texture. It feels so smooth applying to the skin, I love it.
  • Looks smooth on skin as well! Gives your skin a soft-focus look.
  • Hydrating! I have dry skin, but I find I can use this alone without applying a moisturizer prior.
  • Perfecting Complex improves dark spot in two weeks… supposedly. I can’t attest to this since I don’t have any dark spots (yet).
  • The tube is slim, and it’s easy to squeeze out every last bit of product.
  • Pointed tip keeps product from coming out and making a mess.
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores!)
  • Fragrance. This is a pro for me because I love the scent. I think it’s very light and slightly floral. I have heard some people that don’t care for it, so I think this is a personal thing.
  • Affordable at $9.99 MSRP for 1.5 fl. oz.


  • Not enough color options. If you have a deep skin tone, you won’t find a shade for you. Currently they only have Light and Medium.
  • Very sheer. I expected this from a BB cream, but I’m surprised only because Pond’s really emphasized coverage for this item, and I don’t find it to be above average. It’s very sheer. See the picture below for my skin before and after application!
  • SPF 15. Personally, I prefer SPF 30. With foundation I don’t care what the SPF is because I apply SPF 30 daily prior to foundation application, but with the BB cream acting as a multi-use product, I would prefer higher sun protection.
  • Lasts about 4 hours. By lunch the cream is even more sheer, and by the end of the day it’s completely gone. I am fine with this on the weekends when I want lighter coverage, but I can’t wear this to work during the week because it just disappears.
  • Becomes dewy throughout the day. The only reason I find fault with this is because Pond’s claims on their website that it has a matte finish. When you first apply it, I do think it has a semi-matte look and feel, but it certainly doesn’t stay that way. I have dry skin, so I’m perfectly fine with a dewy finish, but if you have oily skin it might not be ideal.

Ponds BB Cream Review

On the left you can see my bare skin. I have a little acne on my chin, redness on my cheeks (I always have rosy cheeks), and some irritation around my brows from plucking (the day prior). On the right you can see my skin after applying one layer of the Pond’s BB+ Cream. It definitely makes my skin look smoother! It’s sheer enough that it still looks like my skin, and you can still see hints of redness.

If you’re looking for a sheer, neutral-toned BB cream with a soft, smooth application, this is the BB cream for you. I’ve repurchased this once, and I would repurchase it again. Pond’s BB+ Cream retails for $9.99 and can be found at drugstores nationwide.

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