Pink Leopard & Glitter Accent Nails (VIDEO)

Pink Leopard and Glitter Nails

I love doing animal print nails, but it’s time consuming. And I love glitter, but it can be a pain to remove, and sometimes glitter on all of your nails can be a bit much for me. For this reason, I am loving the double accent nail trend. This combo of pink, glitter and leopard is cute, fun and girly!

I saw LollyDolly128’s nails on YouTube today, and had to get me some of those.

Pink Leopard and Glitter Nails Pink Leopard and Glitter Nails

What I Used

  • Julep Nail Therapy Base Coat (not shown)
  • Julep “Lynn” (light pink)
  • China Glaze “White On White”
  • Julep “Yumi” (purple/pink glitter)
  • Pure Ice “Black Rage”
  • Dotting tool – you can also use a flattened toothpick or the tip of a pen
  • Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat

Step By Step

  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Paint your pinky, pointer finger and thumb light pink. Paint the middle finger white. Paint the ring finger with the glitter.
  3. Repeat for a second coat. To get the glitter opaque, you may need a third coat.
  4. Using your dotting tool of choice, dot on pink polish to the white nail. The dots should vary in size and be randomly placed.
  5. Clean your dotting tool. Go back in with black polish and blob around the pink dots. Sometimes I sandwich the pink dot between two black dots. Sometimes I completely circle the pink dot in black. Sometimes I do a C-shape of black around the pink. Mix it up! You may want to watch the video for this step.
  6. Add a top coat.

Pink Leopard and Glitter Nails

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