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In April I tried out a new snack box called Boxtera for the first time. Back then, they packed in delicious, healthy snacks from a variety of brands. Each month the selection would change. Now, Boxtera has had a makeover! It’s still a healthy snack box, but now they deliver full-sized packages of Boxtera brand smart snacks.

You can choose the standard subscription ($19.95) for 5 snacks, the family subscription ($29.95) for 10 snacks or the company subscription ($49.95) for 20 snacks. And these snack packs are large! With the old Boxtera box, I was very impressed with the amount of goodies they fit in to each box because it was actually enough to get you through a whole month, unlike many other snack subscription services. I’m very happy to report that this hasn’t changed with the new format! Five snack pouches have plenty of snacking goodness to last a month (at least).

A nice little bonus is that if you really enjoy a snack pouch in your Discovery Box, you can go to the Boxtera market and purchase it! Each snack pack retails for $6.99, putting the value of a standard subscription at about $35.

The snacks are picked with the five senses of taste in mind: savory, sour, bitter, sweet and salty. I love this because you won’t get stuck with five packs of sweet snacks or five packs of salty snacks. You have to keep things fresh!

  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No trans fats
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial colors

And another added bonus, as a serial box subscriber, is that you can easily unsubscribe via email or their contact form. I like to subscribe to my favorite boxes for a few months at a time, then take a break for my budget’s sake. I am saving up for a house, after all!

So, let’s get to what is inside this box…


What’s Inside

  • BBQ Banana Chips (savory)
  • Hibiscus Flowerettes (sweet)
  • Sesame Kabukim Bites (bitter)
  • Pub Mix (salty)
  • Tangerine Slices (sour)

Boxtera Banana Chips

The BBQ Banana Chips are my favorite (Xavier’s, too!). They are sweet and spicy, a great combo. A pouch has 5 servings at 130 calories a serving. This is the one item from this box that I could see myself purchasing from the Boxtera market.

Boxtera Hibiscus

These were such a surprise. I didn’t know you could eat hibiscus like this! The Hibiscus Flowerettes look like intact flowers. They’re yummy! This is really the only thing Xavier didn’t care for, just too sweet for him. It has 3 servings per pouch, 74 calories per serving.

Boxtera Kabukim Snack

The Sesame Kabukim Bites were a pleasant surprise as well. Knowing how bitter sesame can be, I was hesitant, but this crunchy little treat is deliciously addictive. There is a peanut inside each crunchy, crispy bite. It says 5 servings per pouch, 130 calories per serving.

Boxtera Pub Snack

The Pub Mix was really the only thing I didn’t care for. I don’t care for trail mix in general and I really do my best to avoid salty snacks. I was pleased that it wasn’t all pretzels! It has salty and crunchy pretzels, sesame sticks, rye chips, crackers and peanuts. Xavier ranked this has his second favorite. It says a serving has 140 calories, 7 servings per pouch.

Boxtera Dried Tangerine Slices

These were even more delicious than they look. Sweet and sour and addictive. A pouch has 3.5 servings at 103 calories per serving.

My rankings, from favorite to least favorite: BBQ Banana Chips, Tangerine Slices, Hibiscus Flowerettes, Sesame Kabukim Bites, Pub Mix.

Xavier’s ranking, from favorite to least favorite: BBQ Banana Chips, Pub Mix, Sesame Kabukim Bites, Tangerine Slices, Hibiscus Flowerettes.

I hope that somewhere down the line they offer customized boxes based on food allergies and diet (ie, gluten free, vegan). Overall this was a great box with some tasty snacks. Both Xavier and I have been thoroughly enjoying them. I’m snacking on the BBQ Banana Chips as I write! Truly addicting.

Note: a correction to my video review, the pouches do indeed have ingredients listed on the nutrition label! Yay.

The Boxtera Discovery Box was sent to me complimentary from Boxtera for the purpose of testing and reviewing.  

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