nyl Skincare Starter Kit Review

nyl Skincare Starter Kit

I was first introduced to nyl Skincare through the Vegan Cuts Snack Box when I received a sample of the Velvet Transformative Serum. I liked the serum immediately! Shortly after, I was contacted by nyl to test out their Starter Kit. Yes, please!

nyl Starter Kit ($45)

Include four deluxe samples of nyl’s top selling products: Gentle Sugar Body Polish, Organic, 2 fl. oz., Whipped Hand & Body Lotion, Organic, 2 fl. oz., Velvet Transformative Serum 1/4 fl. oz., Face Wash, Organic, 2 fl. oz.

Gentle Sugar Body Polish and Whipped Hand and Body Lotion

Gentle Sugar Body Polish, Organic 

I’ve never been one for body scrubs, so this was a surprise winner for me. I have neglected my legs all winter long, shaving not quite as often as I should have. When I shaved my legs at the beginning of May, it was the first time I had done so in an embarrassingly long time. Afterward, my skin was a razor-burn, flaky disaster. No amount of lotion could fix that. The next time I shaved I used the Gentle Sugar Body Polish afterward, rubbing in until the sugar disolved. After I pat dry, I applied the Whipped Hand & Body Lotion.  The difference in my skin was night and day.

The site actually suggests using the scrub in place of your shaving lotion! I did just that, and it was great. Perfect way to avoid doubling up products.

I think this scrub is the perfect balance of scrub to oil. A lot of products I have tried are too thick with oil, and I can’t stand that slimy feeling that you just can’t wash off. The sugar crystals were just the right size, too. I started using this on my lips as well and loved it. I asked if that was appropriate, and the founder said that the sugar crystals may be too large for some people, so she wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with very sensitive skin, but then she let me know that she’s developing a lip scrub! I look forward to seeing that.

The smell is slightly earthy, slightly sweet, slightly citrusy. Very lovely.

Whipped Hand & Body Lotion, Organic

The Whipped Hand & Body Lotion made for a great hand cream. I apply hand cream after washing my hands because I dry out so easily, and this formula was great because it was non-greasy and absorbs pretty quickly. I also liked using this on the back of my arms for my KP.

I didn’t prefer this for my legs because it didn’t glide on as I usually like for a lotion to. On the other hand, the lotion does have a bit more substance. It was nice that it absorbed into the skin, but didn’t disappear. My skin still felt moisturized throughout the day.

It had a very, very light scent.. I would almost say unscented even though it isn’t. This product has a hand-written date on it and should be used within four months of that date.

Organic Rosewater Face Wash and Velvet Transformative Serum

Velvet Transformative Serum

This was my number one favorite from the sampler, and the one product I absolutely know I will be repurchasing. I used it one evening, and the next morning my skin appeared smoother and less oily. Normally, I wake up and immediately want to wash my face, so not feeling that way was a noticeable difference!

It is a dry oil, and I know oil-based products really frighten a lot of people, especially those with oily skin, but fear not because good, healthy oils can actually help to regulate sebum production and be great for you skin. Velvet Transformative Serum is non-comedogenic and the ingredients are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and high in Vitamin C. I use this once a day in the evening after I’ve cleansed my face.

Face Wash, Organic (Rosewater Face Wash or Chamomile Face Wash)

I have dry skin, so I tried the Organic Rosewater Face Wash. It has a really lovely scent. I’m really not sure if Rosewater is supposed to smell like rose, but luckily it didn’t.

The formula was gentle and non-drying. I was afraid that it might be drying since the consistency is so thin, very water-like, but this is one of those products were all of the ingredients have been scrutinized  and the unnecessary ones have been left out.

Final Thoughts

I think the nyl Starter Kit is a great introduction to the brand. At $45, this kit is a steal! The Velvet Transformative Serum is definitely the hero product for me, but at $60, it may seem a bit pricey for some. If you’re interested in the product, but you’re new to the line or to vegan skincare, or maybe just new to face oils, the Starter Kit is a great option because it allows you to sample nyl’s four best-sellers. I enjoyed each item very, very much, and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

I am very excited to see the lip scrub whenever that might be launched, and I have my eye on their Organic Body Balm for my constantly cracked heels.

Learn more about nyl Skincare. Nyl is available on OpenSky.

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