Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit

I was recently given the opportunity by Influenster to test and review the Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit. The kit come with a set of lashes, 24-hour latex-free glue, and an applicator.

I’ve tried other false lash brands before, but nothing has worked for me. I decided that Halloween was the perfect time to test these babies out. I did my eye makeup as usual but without the mascara. I clipped one of the lashes in half, applied a thin line of glue to each half, and let the glue dry until slightly tacky – as instructed. Using the applicator, I started applying the lashes on the outer corner on my eyelid, lightly setting it in place, and then firmly pressing it down once I was certain the placement was right. When it was set, I applied a little mascara to bond my lashes to the false lashes.

While this style is very bold, the half lashes were perfect for my look. I was surprised the applicator made it so easy! Honestly, it made all the difference. I can’t attest to the wear time of the glue because I only wore them for four hours – but they did last the full four hours I wore them. The glue was easily removed from my lid with makeup remover. And, while I haven’t tried to wear them again, they definitely seemed in good enough shape for another go-round! Once you purchase the starter kit, you can by the individual lash sets for less money because the glue will last you many applications.

I have seen these retail for $4.99 at Walgreens. They are made from human hair and are latex free, odor free, and waterproof.

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