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Bath & Body Works® Fall Mini Candle Review

My latest home decor obsession? Bath & Body Works Fall mini candles. With a price point of $3.50, these mini candles are the perfect way to add a little something to a small room. Packaged in an elegant glass container, these minis pack a punch! I was very impressed with the life of the candle. I burned it for several hours at a time, and after more than 4 hours total, there’s still more left.

I was sent Black Pepper Bergamot complimentary to test and review from Influenster VoxBox, a musky fall scent.I’ve heard many girls say this scent reminds them of Abercrombie, but I have to be honest, I have no idea what that is! I can tell you this does smell like a “manly” cologne – think Old Spice. At first I put the candle in our open dining room/living room, but I found it worked best in my office. The small candle was just enough to fill the room with its scent. Even when the candle wasn’t lit, I would get occasional wafts of the scent.

You can frequently catch these candles on sale 2 for $5.



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