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How to Unwrinkle Your Clothes… FAST!

This quick tip is actually something I learned from Xavier! It’s one of those things that makes so much sense, when you hear it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before.

I loathe ironing, as many of us do, so I often toss my clothes in the dryer for 20 minutes or so. It never does as good of a job as ironing, but in a pinch, it works just fine. But, when you throw in just one item, it’s really tough to get those wrinkles out. Xavier told me that all you have to do is wet a small washcloth or rag, wring it out, and throw it in the dryer when you’re tumbling your clothes. The heat from the dryer and the moisture from the washcloth will create the perfect about of steam to unwrinkle your clothes – plus, the rag will help your clothing move around the dryer a bit better.

Easy, right? Give it a try next time!

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