Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin Review & Demo

I have never perfected the messy bun – that effortless hairstyle that so many girls seem to have mastered. Did I miss the class where they taught that? Even with bobby pins, I can’t make a bun for the life of me. Until now, a sock bun has been my only option, but I don’t care for how BIG my bun always looks.

I was sent the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin to test out. After reading about it these new bun pins in InStyle, I was curious yet reluctant to believe there was such a simple way to craft a bun. Yet.. it is! I just wrap my hair in a bun, spin these babies in, and voila.

These pins come in two colors, one for light hair and one for dark hair, and two sizes – regular and mini. If you have thin or short hair, I would recommend trying out the mini. I consider myself to have average hair thickness, and the regular size is just right. Now I just need to buy the pins for light hair!

I tested this out one day when I was running late for work and had no time to shower or fix my hair. I was nervous, but it worked out wonderfully. The pin stayed in place all day.

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