Advanced DIY Framed Chalkboard

This tutorial is part two to the Basic DIY Framed Chalkboard. Unlike the other version, this version requires power tools to cut the wood backboard to size. No power tools? Try asking a sales associate at Home Depot to cut the wood to size for you!

Materials Needed

All materials are available at Michaels Crafts or Hobby Lobby

  • Picture Frame
  • Thin sheet of wood cut to size to fit into frame
  • Chalkboard paint (Black OR Green)
  • Decorations to go onto frame and hot glue gun (optional)
  • “Window Glazing points” or any method to keep the chalkboard attached to the frame.


  1. Choose a picture frame. For this project I bought 2, 10×20 frames from Michaels Crafts during a 50% sale.
  2. Measure out the size of desired chalkboard out onto the thin wood. Making sure to mark the measurements. Use saw to cut out board along the drawn out lines. Sand paper edges of the freshly cut wood.
  3. Apply an even coat of chalkboard paint to the fresh cut wood. Making sure to spray evenly and steadily but also making sure to cover every grain of wood.
  4. Apply second coat ten minutes later. Dont be afraid to add a third coat after a few more minutes if it appears to need one. Let dry over night, or as long as the can says needed.
  5. Once the chalkboard has dried, place it into the picture frame gently.
  6. The method I used to keep the board in the frame was attaching “window glazing points.” I asked my father what to use and he went to the tool shed and brought me a few and proceed to hammer them in, safely securing the board.
  7. Decorate the frame.

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