Basic DIY Framed Chalkboard

This tutorial is authored by my younger sister, Rebecca. She’s working on decor for her first college apartment, and she thought she would share this project with you all. This version doesn’t require any power tools. Check out the advanced version!

Materials Needed

All materials are available at Michaels Crafts or Hobby Lobby

  • Picture Frame
  • Thick Project board OR a thin piece of wood cut to size to fit into frame
  • Adhesive Chalkboard Vinyl
  • Decorations to go onto frame and hot glue gun (optional)
  • “Window Glazing points” or any method to keep the chalkboard attached to the frame.


  1. Choose a picture frame of any size. For this project I bought two 10×20 frames from Michaels Crafts during a 50% sale.
  2. Cut out a portion of the project board to fit into frame.
  3. Apply adhesive chalkboard vinyl to cut project board, making sure to be slow and steady to avoid creating air bubbles. Cut any excess adhesive off of the adhesive covered poster board.
  4. Insert newly created chalkboard into frame, securing it to the back. There are multiple methods to do so such as using a hot glue gun or asking your dad where the “window glazing points” are.
  5. Decorate the frame as desired.

Contributed by Rebecca Reddick

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