Essie Summer 2012 Collection “Mojito Madness”

The Essie Summer 2012 collection features six brilliant summer shades. I was sent “Mojito Madness” to sample as part of the Klout Perks program.

Bikini So Tiny – a sparkling, cornflower blue
Cascade Cool – a creamy, sweet, dusty pink
All Tied Up – a rustic bronze with subtle golden shimmer
Off the Shoulder – a bold hot pink
Fear or Desire – a bright orange crush
Mojito Madness – a fun-love lime green

Mojito Madness, which I would call a bright Kelly green, is a one-coat stunner. When you apply a second coat too soon, it bubbles like mad. Even so, a second coat is highly unnecessary. After noticing the bubbles on the one hand, I refrained from applying a second coat to the other hand and voila! A one-coat polish is hard to come by.

The polish lasted a full week (with Seche Vite top coat) with only one minor chip. The only real downside was the slight green stain left on my fingernails after removal. This could be avoided with a good base coat and a true acetone remover. Don’t have either of these? Just give your nail surface a good buffing after removal.

Have you purchased any shades from the summer collection?

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