Valentine’s Day Nails: Swirls & Hearts

I was trying to think of a Valentine’s Day manicure all last week, but I came up with nothing. I could do water marbling (nah, too messy), or polka-dot hearts (too plain). When searching through the Nails Mag photo gallery, I laid eyes on this swirly nail design. I decided to add a Valentine’s twist.

You will need:

  • Light/medium pink – I used Zoya “Shay” mixed with hot pink
  • Red – I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strenth “Something New.” A red nail art pen would work as well
  • White nail art pen – I used Sally Hansen
  • A dotting tool – if you’re using both a red and white nail art pen, you do not need this
  • Top coat – I use Seche Vite

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