DIY Recycled Magazine Box

This is a video I made in 2009 and uploaded on my YouTube channel. When I thought I was leaving YouTube for good, I deleted it. What was I thinking? I reuploaded it, and now all is right with the world! This is based on a box I saw at an Urban Outfitters that originally sold for $28. Since I already had all the supplies necessary, my version cost nothing. I used to use it to hold my magazines, but now I use it to store my makeup palettes.


  • shoe box or photo box
  • hot glue gun (I used 4 glue sticks)
  • magazine pages
  • glue stick (I used two)
  • scissors
  • paint brush or makeup brush

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    K-Red, I cannot wait to try making this box. This is such a wonderful idea and a lot cheaper than buying memory boxes, or ones like it. Thanks for posting. I’m deff. starting to make this tonight!

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