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NYC 2011 PART FOUR: Burgers

Cheeseburger & Fries from Katz's Deli

While burger joints never entered our list of must-eat places, it was clearly our destiny because we ate burgers not once but twice in our four days in the city. Actually, Sosie had herself three burgers, one at Katz’s deli, too. We stopped at Shake Shack to escape the rain at the advice of Sosie’s friend, Paul, and on our last day we stopped by brgr for lunch after The Martha Stewart Show. While many burger joints are six of one, half dozen of the other, New York City offers a variety of burger spots with colorful personalities. From green to greasy, foodies can take their pick. The only problem: too many choices!

Shake Shack
Shake Shack has several New York locations and one in Miami. We went to the one at 8th Ave & W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

The eye-catching Shake Shack has several New York locations and one in Miami. This chic burger joint offers a quirky menu with items like the Shack-cago Dog and vegetarian ‘Shroomburger. Although most burger joints have a bad rap for greasy indigestion-inducing meals, Shake Shack prides themselves on their 100% all-natural, vegetarian-fed and humanely raised Black Angus burgers and their trans-fat free fries.

With three burgers, four Flat-Top Dogs and three dessert items under 500 calories, it’s okay to take a bite without a bit of guilt. Calorie-conscious foodies can enjoy a Second City Bird-Dog at 270 calories and split regular fries with a friend, at 235 calories each, for a whopping 505 calories. Beware of double or triple-anything, as well as Sundaes, Shakes and Concretes. Also, don’t automatically assume vegetarian means low-calorie. The ‘Shroom Burger weighs in at 570 calories with 36 grams of fat.

Though you may not need to watch your waistline, patrons should keep an eye on their seats in peak hours. The wildly popular Shake Shack has limited seating. The “Shack Cam” is a useful tool to see how crowded the restaurant is from home. Join their mailing list for event information and special deals.

SOSIE: My burger was very delicious! And the fries were really great too. I was definitely better than my burger at Katz’s Deli and brgr.

LAUREN: I’m not a big burger person but the cheesefries were amazing, and I thought the burger was okay. It seems like a very sleek, New York style burger place.

KELSEY: The burger was moist and delicious. I liked the atmosphere and the menu was quirky. It is a very chic burger joint with a lot of seating, though it was packed anyway. The cheese fries were delicious! Next time I want to try the shroom burger or shackstack.

brgr currently has two locations in New York. We went to the one at 287 Seventh Avenue (Between 26th and 27th St), New York, NY 10001

brgr Pamphlet

brgr Restaurant

Burger from brgr

SOSIE: Out of the three burgers I ate this one was second best to me, but it was still good. It was kind of expensive, but I really like how they had grass fed beef burgers and turkey burgers.

LAUREN: The b&w milkshake was really good and you could tell they used fresh vegetables on their burgers. I had the turkey burger with mushrooms and onions onions, and I had gruyuere cheese for the first time. Gruyuere seemed like a mix of Meunster and Swiss. The sweet potato fries were only so-so to me.

KELSEY: I liked their grass-fed concept and philosophy but I did prefer Shake Shack. I guess it’s unfair to compare since one was turkey and one was beef. I loved the fresh mushrooms and onions, and the sweet potato fries were good, but I wish they had been thicker so you could taste the potato more. The b&w milkshake was the right amount of sweetness and not too thick. Next time I want to try their famous pomegranate one! Supposedly they were voted best shake in NYC.

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