Shopping Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado

Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado

One of the Colorado-related items on my 101 in 1001 list was to shop Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. I’m happy to say I can cross this item off of my bucket list.

Pearl Street Mall is a pedestrian mall with shops, restaurants and a wide paved walking area in the center. After living in Denver for three years, I still hadn’t payed Boulder a visit until a few months ago (shocking, I know), and even then I didn’t shop the iconic Pearl Street.

Elephant Ring Holder from Earthbound Trading Company

My friend Ashley and I spent the afternoon window shopping and people watching, and there was definitely a lot of people watching to do! Several street performers were out doing their best to impress the crowd and earn tips.

Pearl Street Mall really isn’t as big as I expected it would be, but if you veer off the main street and walk along Spruce or Walnut, there are some more shops and galleries on the side streets.

The-Kitchen-Next-DoorFor lunch we ate at The Kitchen Next Door, where I had the Grilled Herb Marinated Chicken Sandwich with Crispy Garlic Smashers (YUM) and Ashley had the Koberstein Ranch Dry Aged Cheese Burger. As if that wasn’t enough, we also enjoyed some ultra-creamy gelato from Fior di Latte (they had vegan gelato, too!).

Frog Prince from Peppercorn

My favorite shop was Peppercorn, a gold mine for novelties and gifts. The store is endless, you could get lost in there. And I would WANT to get lost in there! We found hundred-dollar candles, wine accessories, funny cookbooks (think I Hate Tofu Cookbook), cooking tools and gadgets, and a frog prince. Since I already found my prince, I snapped a quick picture before I passed him by.

Needless to say, we left Pearl Street Mall full and happy. I definitely recommend for visitors looking for a nice, relaxing way to spend the afternoon. It’s a much more elevated experience than 16th Street Mall in Denver, which is 99% chain stores and restaurants and 0% character.

I’m excited to cross more things off of my 101 in 1001 list. Stay tuned!


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