Fun Floral Nails

For the Pacifica Muse contest I had to answer the question, “What inspires you?” This is a perfect example of how I’m inspired by the things I encounter in my everyday life. Recently, I was window shopping at World Market when I came across this Extra-Large Floral Handmade Gift Bag, and I thought, I need that on my nails, now..

Bold Floral Pattern

For this design you will need:

Fun Floral Nail Tutorial

  1. Start with your ivory coat. Let dry.
  2. Make uneven red blotches using the polish brush, two on the smaller nails and three on the thumbs. Let dry.
  3. Add leaves using your dotting tool or toothpick, two to three per flower.
  4. With the pink polish and the dotting tool, add two large pink strokes on the outside of the flower. Add two smaller pink strokes on the inside of the flower curving around the center (as good as you possible can in that small real estate).
  5. Add in gold strokes curving around the pink.
  6. Finish with a top coat.

And if you’re more of a watch-and-learn kinda person, check out my how-to video:


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