My Trip to LA (Thanks Safeway!)

LA Trip03

So, don’t tell Denver, but I kind of have this thing for Los Angeles. I will probably (and by probably, I mean definitely) never move there (traffic, gas prices, and so. many. people.), but it is truly an incredible place to visit. There is so much to do, so many places to eat, so many things to see (I swear, this is not a paid testimonial). Back in October I entered the Safeway Real Taste of Mexico Challenge featuring Marcela Valladolid’s new line of products, and believe it or not, my Avocado Pork Enchiladas with Cheesy Lime Cream Sauce won me a trip to Los Angeles.


Summer Clothing Haul

I went shopping at my local outlet mall and had amazing success finding items I liked. Many times when you visit an outlet, all the racks have already been thoroughly picked over, so I must have picked a good time to go. I tried to find everything I purchased to share below, but no surprise, a lot of what I bought is no longer available. The bird pattern Portofino from Express has been discontinued, so an outlet mall really is your best bet on that. And I can’t find the black polka dot sleeveless top or the pink and gold chain necklace from Forever 21.


Happy Birthday, Modern Martha

Today (well, June 18 to be precise) we celebrate Modern Martha’s 2nd birthday. Over the past 730 days, I have written about creating storage space in a pocket-size apartment, glitter, glitter again, oh.. and glitter again, pancakes, pancakes again (ok, so I love glitter and pancakes), the most adorable snowmen cookies you’ll ever eat, decorating around a green couch, and oh. my. gosh. look how long my hair was. Today I thought I would share with you Modern Martha’s top viewed posts. Enjoy!


Living Room Color Scheme: Sage & Navy

Sage and Navy Color Scheme

I’ve announced this on my YouTube channel and Twitter, and now I’m happy to share it here as well.. Xavier and I bought our first house!! I’ve hardly had a moment to sit and write because it’s paint-this, where’s-that, move-this 24/7 around here. We’ve been in the new place for a few weeks now, and it’s finally starting to feel a little more homey rather than some house we happen to sleep in.

After the down payment and closing costs, we’re a little tight on money, so there’s going to be a lot of budget-shopping, thrifting and DIY going on around here. We have furniture from our rental, and we can’t really afford to start over on that side of things, so all of the decor I’m looking to buy and/or make has to work well with it.


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